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Spinal "INCOMING!" - "once he has skulls, stay out of the corner!"


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Although he's not quite here yet that doesn't mean we can't get excited at the fact that he could be around the corner. When Partner Creative Director, Ken Lobb of Microsoft says, "SPINAL INCOMING!" it's definitely something to get excited about. Presumably, Spinal will be revealed this week... regardless, the time is getting close!

In addition to this, Adam Isgreen, the Creative Director at Microsoft hinted at some of Spinal's moves. In his "Protip" tweet he mentioned, "Protip: Once Spinal has skulls, STAY OUT OF THE CORNER. OMG the pressure mixups..."




What hopes and dreams do you have regarding Spinal's release?

Source: @RealKLobb, @Ishmae1
Credit: DoubleHelixGames forum poster GamerLCD
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He's going to be very fun to take apart and break down. Doubt I'll get bored in the lab with him as his swag levels are almost off the charts.


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I'm suddenly glad I bought the full game.

Spinal looks nifty. Doubt he will take the place of Sadira, but who knows

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you guys are forgetting the tweets from cdjr and champ saying spinal will be like rouge from xmen vs street fighter and meter drain and other leaked shit.