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Spawn Kombat Kast - Wednesday 11th (tomorrow), 3:00pm CDT


Can't wait to see how many of his moves from the trailer aren't part of his kompetitive variations. lololol

Looking forward to tomorrow for sure.
Place your bets on the tourney moves!
Here's my takes.

Base Moves:
  • Anti-Air Gun
  • Gliding
  • Dive Kick
  • Skinning/Burning combo ender attack (0:42 in trailer)
  • I'm pretty sure the attack at 0:44 is his sweep
  • Cape Block and Punish (1:21)
  • Buff (1:30)
Custom Moves:
  • Dashing tackle (0:40) - Legal
  • Invis Grab (1:00) - Legal
  • Chain Stance (1:14) - Legal
  • Buff (1:20) - Legal
  • Low Chain projectile (0:55) - Legal
  • Low Parry - Legal
We'll find out how I did in an hour and a half.
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I love that they allowd him to break certain game conventions, like the ability to punish breakway attempts. He really looks like he'll feel unique to play.
I'm pretty convinced this is a sign of what's to come in future updates. They also gave Kitana a breakaway buster this patch.

Edit: I was wrong about Kitana but I still feel that we're going to be seeing changes in the base cast.
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