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Strategy - Covert Ops Sonya Parry Option Select

Oh wow. I approve of this. Does this work on scorpions ex tele? If so applying continuous pressure without fear of being put back into the vortex sounds very appealing to me.
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I will weep tears of joy once I manage to trash scorpion tele port abusers.

It's going to be a long day in practice!


Stole this pic from Doombawkz :P

***For some reason the audio was super loud, make sure you turn your computer down****

i didn't mention that you don't have to spend the meter on the ex parry, you can do a regular parry.

useful or naw?

So let me get this straight it works on slow wakeup options? It loses to faster wakeup options as well as wakeups that are low hitting such as Sub's slide. And it's not entirely safe cause the parry comes out on block as well? Still though, it's pretty cool tech against those select characters that have ass wakeups. I was hoping it was like Jacqui's O/S where she can do a overhead and input high rocket in Full Auto. If they block it, the special doesnt come out but if it does, then she can hitconfirm off the rocket free =[...Still I will test out the wakeups that this works against so we can have a list.

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I cannot bring myself to waste an.ex bar on the parry, Netherrealm will have to beef up the timing or make her ex Parries her normal Parries. Otherwise, the parry will remain a once in a while move to throw people of their game.
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Yup, still a noob.
How is this better than baiting the wakeup with an early whiffed d3, blocking and punishing?

Your tech saves the chip damage, but other than that it leaves you open if they don't go for the wakeup. Its not really an option select. Its more like baiting the wakeup and countering it.