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Sonya Comprehensive Changes Wishlist

Chernyy Volk

Wolf lord, footsie bully, chronic corner abuser.
This is a character I don't especially hate but her identity definitely got robbed this game after the first major patch. I think nerfing her combo potential just to preserve her zoning was a bad move that really rubbed Sonya fans and mains the wrong way and she's also not interesting to fight against right now because she's just another jack of all trades. She should have shitty zoning but have insanely dangerous mix.

So here's my suggestions.

Universal Changes:

1: Energy rings (BF1) now have 64 recovery on whiff (double what it currently is). On hit, they maintain current recovery. So basically we're Deadshotting these. She should not have a good fireball.

2: Amplified energy rings (BF1 (A!)) is now -7 on block point blank. More of a definitive turn loss for her.

3: Amplified Air Control (DB2) has it's old launching property restored.

4: 134 is now High Mid Mid, relegating it to soley a punish string.

5: B123 is now a fully committal dial string. You can cancel B1, but if you want the mix you have to commit or die. B14 stays -7 as a safe lower reward option.

6: F41+322222 now does 193.24 damage up from 164.

7: D1 has it's hitbox drastically shrunk to kill it's anti air properties.

8: D3 is now +15 on hit.

Ring Master Changes:

1: Energy Ring Dash Cancel (BF1 hold~ff/bb) is completely removed.

What these changes do

1: Restore her identity as a mix character

2: Restore her combo creativity

3: Makes No Holds Barred the big dick damage combo variation and makes Ring Master just a slightly improved zoning variation.

4: Maybe now leaves a place for K.A.Tastrophic.


Ya I kinda feel bad for people that enjoyed her before first patch. I wish they would add more depth to offense as long as you can use option selects to defend against it etc. Dumbing characters down and adding more and more slot machine style gameplay kinda lowers the ceiling and thats no good in the long run.
Wow those are some pretty good change ideas... its so obvious and yet... they probably wont go in that direction. But for the love of God fix her zoning