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Sonic Fox Playing SFV?

Good showing from the fox though. Hope he sticks with it, but this was a pretty weak tourney, I hope he plays it at Evo so the international crew can show him what's up.


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He played like he was playing mkx. A lot of jumping, rushdown and using all his meter to try and stay plus. Can't do that in sf5. I literally asked 3k now how he downloaded so fast and he said "he kept jumping alot, so i tried baiting him with my projectile at max distance and he'd jump everytime. Ggs fox, he will get better .


I'll be back 3ing
from watching him play fang i think fang realy suits him .. seems like with fang he can play his game how he wants and use alot of frame traps. meanwhile the poison and poison set ups does its thing. i really think once he learns more match ups his fang is gonna be insane.

think he juist lost to 3k though.

mani about to play now

edit - mani vs coach steve... this should be good. ken vs birdie
He could do comparable things with R.Mika and the pay-off would be better. He plays F.A.N.G like a mad man and even when it's working it isn't enough because the character does not do damage


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MKX teaches awful fighting game habits lol
I've said that as well as gunshow, jupiter and a few other players ive played lol. Mkx is my childhood, ill always love it and play it. But nrs gives you the worst habits and has so much ridiculousness in it that you will get absolutely wrecked trying to apply nrs logic to heavy fundamental games like street fighter, tekken or virtua fighter.


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1 minute in and I've already seen 2 poison fists go unpunished by this Dhalsim when they're -11

Justin Wong beating people doesn't prove anything and the first match is a Laura player that thinks the v-skill is a projectile so they're jumping over it even when in his face. What is next? footage of SonicFox pressuring a Chun Li for 10-15 seconds when she has a 3f jab that can poke out of all of it at any time.
My point is that HE HAS TOOLS. Its too early to dismiss anyone.

By just playing SFV, Sonic Fox is going against the grain. The rules of MKX don't apply to SFV and vice-versa. Being a longtime SF player is a huge advantage in SFV just like being a longtime MK player is a huge advantage in MKX.

SFV, just like the other SF games, follow a system where animations tell you the frame data - and that frame data is kind of simple. Everyone has 2 or 3 safe attacks and the rest are unsafe. Stronger attacks beat weaker attacks if they hit at the same time and specials beat normal. Some specials have priority over others - and EX specials generally beat out regular specials, but it doesn't deviate much from that. Serious players can wade through the data just by playing.

MKX, just like other MK games, follow a system where frame data has no tell - and some of that data can be very surprising to the unknowing. What you know in MKX is paramount, but knowing frame data in MKX takes a great memory or its a very slow process. The system is one of trades and armor. There is no prone animation to help players figure out when its their turn - and pressing buttons when its not your turn will cost you heavily.

In addition, zoning in SFV has to be mixed up. Fighters have so many tools for circumventing zoning in SFV and it leads to huge damage. In MKX, most fighters do not have tools to circumvent zoning - and it rarely leads to big damage when they do. In MKX, if you get a knockdown - you can get close and force them to create space to get back to their zoning game, but - again - you gotta know when its your turn.

On matchups, in SFV - the pokers (Vega, Cammy, Karyn, Chun-Li, Bison) beat the zoners (Ryu, Ken, Nash, FANG, Dhalsim). The light grapplers (Necalli, Laura, Mika) beat the pokers. The heavy grapplers (Gief & Birdie) beat the light grapplers. Finally, the zoners beat all the grapplers. Now, there are matchups within each set that are wonky (like Birdie beats Gief badly), but all in all its simple.

As we know, the matchups in MKX are much more complex than that. Now, try writing a matchup breakdown as short as my SFV one with MKX...


1) I was right that sonic wouldn't win -check
2) this thread shows mkx players only have one savior - check
3) the international players didn't even have to show sonic what sup - check
4) I made people salty - check
5) capcom is still superior to nrs - check

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In MKX, most fighters do not have tools to circumvent zoning - and it rarely leads to big damage when they do. In MKX, if you get a knockdown - you can get close and force them to create space to get back to their zoning game, but - again - you gotta know when its your turn.
I was with you up until this part. Is this the same MKX where everyone has a run button, jump ins are ridiculous, and mobility is at all time high with advancings and slides/teleports/divekicks/air dashs/whatever else, and fast advancing armors? I think you'll find practically everyone has multiple tools for dealing with zoning in MKX


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I doubt he would enter the tournament when MONEY is on the line for a game he is just "having fun" with
Sonic is not playing for fun. He said hes taking the game seriously. People just expect him to come into this type of game and dominate. I dont see that happening but i do hope it does.
Because it's impossible for the 18 year old dude who has one over $100,000 playing his main game to have fun and enter a different game? Y'all put in so much stock and hope into sonic fox dude could never be having fun. . . .

He can take the game seriously but I doubt he has goals to take it as seriously as he's taking MK, SG, DoA, and whatever else he currently places in. Wouldn't make sense. SF is a game of fundamentals and while sonic fox may have "some" he still has to learn to play a fighter with a HUGE emphasis on patience and baiting which kind of goes against the grain to what he's used to.

If he starts hard on SF and manages to stay competitive in MK and others, good for him. But this was a non CPT tournament, I doubt the amercan talent was as hard as it could be, matter of fact it was the first tourney for the game, sonic fox still got to face international competition (some of those dudes have been referred to as "the gods").

Seeing new competition rise up to challenge the greats is always fun to watch but let's not get crazy wth expectations cause it's going to sting hard when fox ends up getting dominated in a SFV match.

Anyways good job fox!!!