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Question Some tech is beyond me?


Never been to a tournament. Stuck in NY
I've been a Sonya player for about two weeks now and I can say I've fallen for her. She can bully just about everybody with her pressure and counters alone. Not to mention her meterless combos that do about half health. But I'm struggling with these last few bits of tech that can take me to the next level of game play.
For starters: her 51% bnb- jip, b21f2 njp dash xx kiss dive kick 21 cartwheel b21 xx ms f1 leg grab. I land that maybe 25% of the time mainly because after the cartwheel, the b21 is nearly impossible to connect. Has anyone found any solutions to that? Another: d4 xx ms xx d4 xx ms xx d4 ms and so on for a ghetto infinite block string. I am unable to pull out of stance and back into a d4 before my opponent can get away worth ease. Yet after watching some pro games with Sonya (my god 88 is a good reference at Evo 2013) they do it with ease. Is there a trick I'm missing? I've gone through some of the guides and strategy threads for her but haven't really found much explaining the two problems I'm having. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.