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Tech Some probe tech

Here's some probe stuff I've been messing around with.

Both involve getting a full combo off a d3 using regular probes.

The first is a way to make Lex's vortex meterless- though with a small added risk.

One downside of the corner vortex is it isn't fully meterless. Lex gets a corner meterless combo off a f2, but not his low combo starter: b13.

In this setup, instead of waiting for the probe to hit to go for your 50/50, you throw out a 50/50 slightly before the probe hits- and the low, instead of being b13, is a d3. If you do a d3 before the probe hits and it connects, the probe will juggle the enemy long enough for you to get a meterless combo off the d3 such as d3 (probe hit) 11, 11, u3 xx Probe (24% and vortex continues).

Here's a video of the vortex in action:

So, there IS a downside to this, but fortunately its not a big one: Unlike Lex's regular vortex, in this meterless version you are doing either a d3 or an f2 BEFORE the probe hits. What this means is that you have a slight risk that the enemy will hit you out of your d3 or f2- and though they will get hit by the probe for doing so, you will be in hitstun yourself and unable to capitalize on this probe hit.

The chance this will happen is relatively small. If they throw out a move even slightly too early (before you do the d3 or f2 which should happen only slightly before the probe hits) instead of interrupting your 50/50 you will still be blocking, they will get hit by a probe, and it's a free full combo. For them to successfully thwart this they need to hit Lex AS he is doing the 50/50, not before it. There is also the chance the Lex player won't go for the early-50/50 for the meterless vortex, and an enemy trying to interrupt that will only guarantee a full combo for Lex.

The video above is an illustration on how Lex can get a full combo off a d3 mid-screen. It's not meterless because you need to do a grav pull after the d3 and probe hit, however you have the benefit of d3's long range combined with this new potential as a combo starter. Also, you do not need to do the d3 immediately after the probe throw in order to combo off it. It's not shown in the video, but I did test and found you could throw out probes, do a forward dash, then d3 them into a probe juggle for a full combo.

Lastly, similarly to d3, Lex can get a hit-confirmable full combo after an f2 if a probe hits afterwards- though the probe does not juggle the enemy as consistently after an f2 as with a d3. Also, depending how long after the f2 the probe hits, you will have to continue the combo with a straight grav-pull or a d1 cancel into grav-pull.
Reserved for some more gimmicky stuff I have yet to record videos on.

So, I reccommend reading this thread for the ideas on getting trait mid-combo

Credit to Spacepopsicle for the idea of traiting-up mid-combo

After a successful corner combo such as :

f2, 11, 11, u3 xx MB Probes

You get a 50/50 followup because of the MB Probe ender. The 50/50 followup will allow you to BOTH get level 2 trait AND a regular probe out, which lets Lex use alot of probe-gimicks that are best used when Lex has trait up.

The level-2 mid-combo trait comes off either:

low starter- b1 xx Trait dash, (MB probes hit) 11, u3 xx Lex Probe
overhead starter- f2 xx Trait dash, (MB probes hit), 11, u3 xx Lex Probe

As described in the original post, Lex gets a meterless low-starter off regular probes, however I did mention a small risk associated with that- because the enemy my read this and interrupt your early 50/50 before the probe hits- putting both of you in hit-stun and reducing Lex's ability to capitalize on the probe hit as a result.

With level 2 trait AND probe, this isn't a risk, because trait protects you from being interrupted.

However, you also have the option for 100% guaranteed-absolutely-no-way-to-prevent-it-damage. If a probe out and level 2 trait out, do the following:

(low) b1 xx Upward Lance Blast Charge
(overhead) b2 xx Upward Lance Blast Charge

If the initial b1/b2 50/50 connects, you release the Upward Lance Blast at Level 2 which allows you to full combo into 11, 11, u3 xx Lex Probe. The probe hit chains the initial b1/b2 into the level 2 upward blast, so its a single combo.

If the initial b1/b2 50/50 is blocked, because you have shields, the opponent either has to try and mash out- shields will absorb the hit, and they'll get Lance Blasted into a full combo, OR they will have to wait and Lex can go into a Level 3 unblockable for guaranteed damage: you'll knock the enemy down and when they get up, you will STILL have trait on, so go for more 50/50's.

That's right, because Lex has level 2 trait and a probe out, the enemy has to choose between:

If they go for an interrupt which is absorbed by shields:
1) Eating a full combo: (Probe hit) Level 2 upward lance blast, 11, 11, u3 xx Probe. The probe ender guarantees another 50/50 followup as well

If they don't go for an interrupt:
2) Eating a level 3 lance blast. Because they didn't go for the interrupt, they'll be knocked down by the unblockable lance blast, and they'll get up in front of a Lex who STILL has level 2 trait active, thus allowing for another 50/50 followup as well. In fact, level 2 shields will last long enough for TWO consecutive 50/50's if the first one is blocked!
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Reserved: still a ton of stuff to add, and I'm not sure how much space each post is allowed to have. More videos will be added to post #2, because its really hard to explain what's happening with the lance/blast probe combos without actually showing it.


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Just wanted to say I've gotten a lot of mileage off of the corner stuff, and that this was a really helpful post when I was trying to find out what to do with lex in the corner a while back.