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Question - Demolition some help with demo sonya

i just signed up to this site so i could ask this. ive been looking at this site since mk9 but very late to mkx. the other week i decided to start using demo sonya after a couple months of reptile just because shes so different and fun. My problem is coming up with combos for her and most of them i see dont wont anymore. just wondering if you guys could give me some nice bnb's and maybe couple tips i've just been doing it blind mostly play online. Currently only thing i can do is b332, db11, 213, df1, 2134( or 21 exleg grab). i know nothing in the corner with her. Any help i would greatly appreciate thanks

(edit; i dont use neg edge but if it makes a differnce ill take the time to learn but i dont know if its worth it)
Just basic stuff

50/50 combo starters

Follow up
2 granades: Db1 run 213 df1 dash 2134 (hard knock down reload)
1 granade: df1 21 2134 (hard knock down reload)

That's your BNB for damage and reload.
You can change the ending for 21u4 for corner carry.

Only works in corner
No granades: b33u4 21 21 21 2134
Safe reload finish: b22u4 21 21 21 213dd1

Remember you combo off dive kick and always go for b33212. If you jump in punch, yes go for 50/50