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Solving the flight cancel pressure question

Chernyy Volk

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That question being, is this shit even worth doing?

So let's establish a few facts here after hours upon hours of labbing this.

A: None of this jails ever at any point in time and can be all beaten
B: The correct sequences build a FOOOOK ton of meter
C: it's existence is made null and void once the opponent decides to turtle up and simply block
D: In all my hours of playing this game, I have NEVER ONCE hit somebody with the baiting tactics that've been theorized with trait. As I said, if the person is willing to turtle none of it works.

So, as far as I can tell, it's a player versus player matchup consideration. If you fight somebody who likes to press buttons and is impatient, he'll get freed up by this shit all day if he doesn't know the exact answer. Unfortunately, any advancing 8 or 9 frame button will knock you out of any cancel and once they figure this out you're fucked. So, as far as I can tell the only application for this is after 3~db2/2d3~db2/b22~db2 on hit. I mentioned in the Black Manta bible that any string that's a natural combo into missile guarantees another b2 which I've suggested the safe autopilot option is to do b2~bf1 as it's safe free chip that adds quite a bit of damage.

Flight cancel pressure allows you to add a good bit of layering to this situation. Here's the flowchart.

After any 3~db2/2d3~db2/b22~db2 on hit...

b2~bf1 for guaranteed safe damage
b22~db2MB or no MB to catch them not being ready to block the overhead
b22~4, move backwards, j3~db3 to catch the attempt at punishing b22~db2 on block.

This is the best application I've found so far. Would love to see other people start hardcore labbing this appropriately.

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