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So who else does Hung Ga in real life?

Anybody here who does Reptile and Baraka's martial art? But if you do any other martial arts from Deadly Alliance or Armageddon,it's perfectly fine if you want to reply as well.


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I took Krav Maga, but stopped since I don't have the time anymore at the moment. I'm going to go back to it when life calms down, though. I don't remember if that style was in MK or not, though.


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Would love to see you doing Jacobus-like movies based on Reptile and Baraka styles.

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I did sil Lum hung gar for a while before moving on to other martial arts. Tiger ftw

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I'm more into the MMA side of life, with special attention on grappling. Don't remember MK styles, prolly game too old to have anything MMA related.


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Krav Maga for a while. I need to start training again but I have no one around anymore. Everyone does American Karate or Tae Kwon Do.
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