So where are these people at?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by Gerchap, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Gerchap

    Gerchap Elder God

    Some of you guys don’t know me, I’m an old fella in the community and because REO mentioned me in one of his videos My boy @ZATA Sent it to me and that brought up some good memories so it made me come out of years of exile

    Now the million dollar question:
    Where are my old old fellas?
    Dirtylova Where are you??
    STORMS still active
    MKF30 still active
    Pig of the Hut
    Tim Static
    James, is he still doing the show?

    JTF? Lmao even tho I am probably the online person he hates the most, I’d like to know if he is still around

    I have plenty more but I can start with these haa

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    STORMS Owner / Director

    Pig is too cool for school. He's not active on here anymore.
    @Tim Static is still around just not very active
    @General M2Dave is still doing tombstone drops
    @THTB is still huggable
  3. Check

    Check -

    Still here. Still working my ass off for the community. Been editing a MKDA-MKX combo video for many years now. It's about 7 hours long. I'd like to release it this week, if all goes well.

    Here's an early version of it -

    Still trying to go through it to find any clips that are too dark.

    Good to hear from you Gerchap, and hope all is well. You were considered the most friendly person in our community, and it goes to show you still are.

    I moved to New Jersey in 2009 from Florida, to get my Game Testing degree, in order to work for Netherrealm Studios. I finished college in 2015 and moved back to Florida for now. Just been working hard on videos for the community since finishing college.

    be well.


    STORMS Owner / Director

    @Check !!! Holy shit, man. I didn't know you were still active. It's damn good to see you!
  5. MadPropz101

    MadPropz101 "I still got it...but not much of it"


    STORMS Owner / Director

    I could always email him/her. I do have access afterall.... that is if it's still an active email.
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  7. Gerchap

    Gerchap Elder God

    Cool Storms thabks for the update, a lot of the old fellas might show up if the game is very competitive
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  8. Gerchap

    Gerchap Elder God


    Jason the M.Fking CHECK.

    You, your combos and videos were always ahead of the rest, your work has always been valuable my friend since MKO days, crazy timing. Perfection

    I moved to California from Boston 4 years ago, been MIA for a long while but I’m planing on hitting the online scene again, good to know you’re doing well bro and I’ll be waiting for the launch of your MK video, this early version is sick a f

    Hope you achieve your goals bro
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  9. xWildx

    xWildx What a day. What a lovely day.

    TYM kind of fell out of favor with the pros when randoms would argue MU’s with them. Then the whole secret message groups and discord Illuminati took over.
  10. SaSSolino

    SaSSolino MK11 Cary Tagawa main!
    Premium Supporter

    Last I saw of Pig of the Hut regarding TYM was him compaining about Beezy's posts.
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  11. AREZ God of War

    AREZ God of War The Crazy BeastMaster

    Arez, tread lightly. That stuff will get you banned here. I kid you not. - STORMS

    What's up @Check
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  12. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
    Premium Supporter

    lol I don't know about him hating you the most, haha I think it's a toss up between you, me and Darktrak lmao. Darktrax was a cool dude, he disappeared. Remember @Killer Bee? Think he's gone, Stretch Shrimp lives in my area I saw him where he used to work few years back. All I know is he retired from gaming online and moved in with his GF last time I talked to him.

    Pig is still active whenever a new game comes out he has this ESPN like show he does on his channel.

    Check pops up when you call him, like now lol. I like how he still makes combo vids!

    Hey @Check what's up man? Hope you're doing well, I saw this video other day. This dude man? did you train him? lol

    BTW FTR, this music is awesome should have been used in the MK 11 trailer lol. It's so dark and gritty sounding haha.

    THTB is on here, he posts.

    Konqrr like Check pops up I'm sure he's still here.

    Tim the same as Konqrr and Check, he posted recently in the MK 11 reveal event on here.

    M2Dave still posts on here here I believe.

    Haven't seen Bone, Wee in a while on here though.

    Oh and don't forget about @mastermalone he's here too always with insightful advice. I see this guy as the Yoda of the community. (not that he's old I mean like very experienced cause hell I'm not exactly a kid myself lol)
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  13. Heeeeeey, I remember you.
    Always wondered were you went after the 3D era. Cool to see you around again.
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  14. THTB

    THTB #IDoMachines

    x THTB x
    Well if it isn't ol' Gerchap! Sup man!

    Also, hi all old faces lol.
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  15. MK9

    MK9 Noob

    Best BoRaiCho on Xbox checking in, also responsible for destroying the gameplay in MKD and MKA.
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  16. Damn Gerchap. where the hell have YOU been.
  17. STORMS

    STORMS Owner / Director

    Yo Red... good to see you.

    BTW where did Moe81, Vital, Yayo, etc ever get to?

    I wish there was footage of Vitals NS from back in the day..
  18. Gerchap

    Gerchap Elder God

    @MKF KillerB yeah I remember him, good Ermac in MKD not good enough to beat my Bo tho lol
    @mastermalone of course my boy Malone the Ajax of the MKD community, didn’t he look like him? Yeah Malone always very mature and wise man he probably is 50 years old right now
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  19. Gerchap

    Gerchap Elder God

    Been mia man I quit playing but kept MKU opened for a while but then became very busy and couldn’t do it. But I’m back hahaha
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  20. Gerchap

    Gerchap Elder God

    Oh dear is this Saleen? A name I forgot to add in the list of old fellas. But my Bo was better than yours ;) Konqrr came to the box side faced mine and said Chap’s Bo was unique and the best. Love you too Saleen
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  21. Gerchap

    Gerchap Elder God

    My boy, been away for a long while older but wiser lmao. Good to see you man
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  22. Gerchap

    Gerchap Elder God

    Que lo que Rey. Man remember we met in Philly, was it 2010? Was it you the one who invite me a drink at the hotel bar? I don’t really remember but I do know I saw you there for sure. Been busy lots have happened and trying to get back into the online scene once again. Good to see you around Rey
  23. MK9

    MK9 Noob

    That would be I,
  24. I remember Somberness commited suicide around MK9 era. None seemed to be able to contact him since. So may he rest in peace if it's true.
  25. MadPropz101

    MadPropz101 "I still got it...but not much of it"

    You should, I just wanna know if they're ok.
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