So what do you guys like the most about him from what we’ve seen?

Discussion in 'Baraka' started by Pterodactyl, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. Marlow

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    I like that it looks like he has some depth of personality. Much better than I expected. From a gameplay standpoint, he seemed to have a nice fireball/anti-air game, which is something I always appreciate. Simple yet effective.
  2. 1man3letters

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    Top 5 favourite things mk11 baraka so far

    1. Spark. (being mid with that recovery is sweet and the amplifed version awesome aswell)
    2. That aa special in bone deep. (Pure sex)
    3. Leaping command grab.
    4. Still has mk9 d4
    5. Still has mk9 d2
  3. chrisofrays

    chrisofrays Fish can hear you thinkin just before you sneeze

    I will definitley give Baraka a go. I hope he gets some more story development other than a punching bag. As for gameplay i like the flag idea but would like it to have a different buff other than a damage boost.

    ANGELMAN ANGELMAN For President 2020
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    There's literally nothing about him so far I don't like.

    But if I had to pick just one thing?
    Three words.


    THAT is where I put on my hype pants.
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  5. callMEcrazy

    callMEcrazy Alone is where to find me.

    About that command throw - it has a similar animation to his overhead lunge. The overhead must be blocked high, and the command throw must be ducked (since it's an unblockable high). This means that your opponent can't just react to that overhead animation by standing up. He also has to guess which one's coming.
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  6. That was my first thought as well, which is odd considering how much detail there seems to be everywhere else in the game.

    Either they need to change the animation so he's kneeling and holds his arms a little higher to keep it mid. Or have him do the same just with his arms a little higher and change it to a high.

    Love the war horn though. Not a huge fan of Baraka, but i'll give him a go just to hear that.
  7. villainous monk

    villainous monk Break bread over a whiskey n rocks. Like a man.

    I love how he's totally revamped and has some new depth. I can see they took extra, time & thought into him while still keeping his old school ways.

    I also like how he now has some respect with the interactions with the other characters.

    I super glad he's got some sick looking new moves and and a buff on his normals and specials. Flag day is so ill! Who ever came up with that is a genius.

    His blade walk and flag charge is funny but funny, fresh & dope. The horn is the best!

    My man looks so deep, terrifying, strong in the neutral with good buttons and has more range then ever before.

    NRS did a amazing job.

    Love that spine burst. It's going to be such a good AA tool that I know you can combo off from.
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  8. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl Best Sheeva player in MKX

    I just can’t get over how cool his second design is(the one for Flag day) he looks so much more savage and fierce.

    They should have made it his default to be honest.
  9. The idea with the flag is great in general.
  10. trufenix


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  11. chrisofrays

    chrisofrays Fish can hear you thinkin just before you sneeze

    Really glad they are doing more than just a damage buff with his flag variation. I hope we get some kind of flag cancel to add preasure or even extend combos. Could be really interesting as his whole gameplan would revolve around getting the flag out.
  12. Lokheit

    Lokheit Noob

    Agree with the flag beint a great addition.

    Baraka always looked bland to me because he didn't really look like he was more special than a generic tarkatan. Even on his own MK9 ending he was the most generic of the shown tarkatas.

    In MK11 he looks more intimidating with the shoulder spikes and the banner is an excellent touch to represent what makes him stand over other members of his race, his leadership.
  13. Sothpaw

    Sothpaw Noob

    Honestly I just like everything about him except for his voice, but I think they heard some feedback and improved it for the Jade reveal. He looks like a brutal mf now. The Jade reveal sold me more on Baraka than Jade.
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  14. Baraka is totally 100% to the point. Everything about Gameplay, design, and the flag.

    NRS nailed it this time with him, just like Kano in MKX.
  15. Jhonnykiller45

    Jhonnykiller45 Shirai Ryu

    I always did kinda like playing as Baraka but I'm really impressed with what NRS is doing with him for this game. Never thought he could actually look this cool.
  16. karaokelove

    karaokelove Premium Supporter
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    I just love how happy he gets when he picks up his flag.
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  17. Exactly.....why isn't anybody esoe talking about this
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  18. Dayvon

    Dayvon 16

    I just want to make sure I fully understand the difference.
    A punish is hitting the opponent during negative frames after a blocked attack or whiffed attacked? Counter hit would be hitting the opponent during start up frames ?
  19. Pakman

    Pakman Lawless Victory!

    I like that he is just a pure solid character - with no frills or gimmicks in his game plan.

    He has a small but purposeful and hard hitting move pool, and a universal damage buff. As long as you have solid fundamentals, you'll do fine with this character - reminds me of Guile actually.

    I like the character so much, I've dedicated this ode to him. Or rap, if you will:

    'He's a savage, he's a beast.
    On your flesh and bones he'll feast.

    He'll stab you with his claws, and bite you with his teeth.

    Then drop-kick you in your chest, with his crusty-ass feet!'
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  20. Rathalos

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    I wish he was my personal trainer.
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  21. STB BroZki

    STB BroZki Don’t know what to put here

    The savagery in his move set. It really does a fantastic job at showing who the Tarkatans true leader is.
  22. Mind Flex

    Mind Flex Mind Gamer. BOOSH

    There really isnt much armor in the game...unless its flagday!
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  23. chrisofrays

    chrisofrays Fish can hear you thinkin just before you sneeze

    He makes a killer smoothie using Kale, Bananas and the Brains of fallen foes.
  24. Metin

    Metin Noob

    good point, he uses his mind which is i totally like and the other side he has a personality. he was just a dumbass mindless character in MK9 story.
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