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Question - Demolition So, what are the actual grenade frames anyway?

I've talked to many Sonya players and most all have different ideas on what grenades actually are on block. I've been told, or others I've talked to, -11/-6/0/+56. +56 is obviously not the correct in game data otherwise there'd be no button pressing until grenades depleted and I've not seen TYM blow up about "sonya grenade jails and infinites" (Though sometimes grenades can act as a jail without meter).

So, just to stroke my curiosity, what's your take on the frame data and who's got the correct version?

If Sonya players dont even know the correct frames, or the frames alter depending on certain variables, maybe there needs to be a detonate animation which still combos on hit and has a certain negative frame count on block. The only thing that would change is the need to hit confirm on offense. Just my take on it... Unless someone has more knowledge than I can find on this subject.


When Sonya tosses a grenade and detonates it right away, she's probably -10 or -11 on block. Set the AI on reversal in the lab and see what punishes it. When she tosses a grenade and detonate after 1 sec, she's 0 on block. BUT when a grenade explodes on you by itself, she's around +19-20-ish.

It's hard to know for sure because it all comes down to how much you delay it, then the frame data might be different.


You can do what is similar to a Tarkatan medium delay, where you can be about -6 with no gap, with close grenade. If she doesn't do that and detonates right away, she's like -10 or something. If she lets it rock and you hold it, she'll be plus enough to guarantee a fiddy fiddy.