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Guide Smoke Tag Team Thread


i got the poison
Post your Smoke Tag Team experiences opinions and kombos here if you like.

I'll start with Smoke + Sektor:
I think Smoke works really well with Sektor.

Just Sektor :l:bp:tag does awesome damage for 3 hits. 21 or 23%

A 57% kombo starting with Smoke:

JP, :fk:d:fp:bp:tag, dash :l:bp:tag:d:r:tag,:l:bp:tag:d:l:bk
It costs 1 Bar of Super and it looks great.

55% Starting with Sektor:

JP, :fp:bp:l:fp, :l:bp:tag:d:r:tag,:l:bp:tag:d:l:bk
Almost the same kombo just with another start and 1 less :tag

I think Tag Mode rules, so many possibilities!
And Smokes free :tag move being his :r:bk, with big damage and little scaling makes me happy :D