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General/Other Smoke Rants Thread


i was watching beezy bone. dont know if i said that right. and others in tournaments this last week. i learned a lot. ceo from fl had a lot of rush down. while beezy had a lot of trickery w/spacing. but, i think a lot of smoke players are missing what li joe has with ermac. ive kinda incorporated that into my smoke.

i can only surmise that smoke is not truly actualized yet. smoke completely invisible with mixup. i just cant wait to see someone with that. ;)


I've done some combos while his completely invisible. Not offline but in practice mode lol. But I think smoke is a very good character if used correctly. To me he is more of a zoner rather than a rushdown character. The only thing I wish he had is a good move against people who block high. Know what I mean? Like for example, if you take reptile and do his 3,2,1 against someone who is blocking high, you do either b4 or the silde at the end of 3,2,1 and still hit him. I guess that's called a mix up lol. I wish smoke had something like that. His overhead is not bad tho. Oh and his name is krayzie bone lol