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smoke help

i consider myself to be a fairly decent robo smoke player, im not good, im not bad. i can do reasonably well against all of the characters except for kabal, jax, and sonya. whenever someone picks one of those three against him 90% of the time i get my ass handed to me, so i was just curious if any of the smoke players out there or even the ppl who use those three characters would have any tips for fighting against them
one thing which would be good is just use the invisibility move
and it will make it alot easier fighting those characters

when your invisible from what i see most of the time

jax will try to use his missle attacks or his dashing fist to see where you are so after going invisible just go back and wait untill he uses one or the other then use the teleport uppercut on them,

but someother players will ehtier hold block and wait until u use the tele uppercut so they can punish it

or use the ground punch to see where you are, when they try to do this you will be able to notice the start up frames it takes to do this so just jump in the air first then use the teleuppercut on them

if your not invisible when playing jax , sometimes they will try to turtle you with thier double missile attack best chance is to stay back until they start doing it then use the tele uppurcut UNLESS they are up against the wall then the teleport uppercut willgo infront of the jax player and not connect allowing them to punish you

*but not all the time you will be able to do these things during matches
and do not abuse the uppercut too because that will make it worse

for playing a good kabal player ,not going invisible will just make it worse

most of the time when ur invisible , kabal will ethier try to use thier spin dash move to know where you are or shoot a projectile at you

so one option could be just hold block and wait until they use this then use the spear

with kabal's projectile, he goes into a pose for a second in the air and on ground after its shot which will give u an oppertunity to use the tele uppurcut on them

for sonya i dont much about

Reminder : this is just my opinion on it and every jax sonya and kabal
player is different so these stratigies will not work all the
time and the opponent will try to adapt to ur strategy, so you
gonna have to be able to adapt to the oppenents strats and
make up your own too by urself

also dont abuse the tele uppercut its not a solution to everything