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Smash Ultimate: hype or no? What makes a FG hype?

Is Smash Ultimate hype?

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I'm curious what the MK community thinks. Also, for those who agree with me that Ultimate is NOT hype, I need help describing what's lacking. I can't quite put my finger on it. The best I've got is that there aren't many moments in playing or watching Ultimate that make you go ":eek: that was sick!". What even makes a fighting game hype?


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Post-lockdown meta is terrible because the awful netcode promotes bad playstyles (less combos and kill confirms, more throwing out giant moves that are made safe by the netcode). Before that, I thought the game was very hype. Leo reverse 6-0ing Tweek and Samsora were some of the most hype sets that happened in the fgc in recent memory.


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What even makes a fighting game hype?
Not sure what makes a game hype overall, but here are some things that I believe add to it.

1. Comebacks: extremely hype, but imo only when it’s a real comeback due to player skill or conservation of resources. Devs trying to push them by handing the losing player a gun like Fatal Blow or V-Trigger is anti-hype.

2. Ways to highlight (differences in) player skill: it’s exciting to see players better than you do things you can’t. Flawless Blocks, parries, visually difficult combos, exploiting system mechanics etc. Anything that clearly shows the viewer that a player is special.

3. Variety in playstyles: pretty self-explanatory. I don’t want to watch a game where the only strategy is hardcore rush down or full screen zoning...I want to see a mix of both. In the same vein, I don’t like seeing characters who share an archetype running their strategy in the exact same way. Using MK11 as an example, I don’t want to see every character rely on staggers to open someone up. Some should use that, but others should focus on high/low mix, frame traps, oppressive oki, etc. Let players express themselves.

4. Big damage: Nobody wants to watch or play a game with death by 1000 cuts. Comes with the bonus of promoting comebacks.

5. A good matchup spread: Seeing different characters in top 8 is hype. There will always be a best character but to the extend it’s possible balance the game so I’m at least not guaranteed to see the same few every tournament. This might require devs to intentionally try to shift tiers and tbh I’m ok with that.

6. Good visuals with some flash: any video game should be cool to look at and watch for even the most uninformed viewer. No, this does not require special cinematics or super elaborate animations slapped all over the place.

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I play smash and I think it’s super hype. It is a game that takes so knowledge in how the game works to see what makes it exciting to somebody that watches a more traditional fighting game
How do you feel about the other smash games?
I love watching Melee, Project Melee and P+, though I haven't been able to play them. Brawl was trash all around, imo. Smash 4 is the only one I played for a long time besides Ultimate (because I got into fighting games around the time 4 was out), and I also liked watching that game... pre-Bayonetta. But Melee is by far my favorite of those to watch. Even PM and P+ don't approach Melee in terms of hype for me, which is odd bc those were emulating Melee.

2. Ways to highlight (differences in) player skill: it’s exciting to see players better than you do things you can’t. Flawless Blocks, parries, visually difficult combos, exploiting system mechanics etc. Anything that clearly shows the viewer that a player is special.
Actually I've had this thought that this might be what's missing from Smash Ultimate -- or one of the main things at least. Most high-level play is not visually impressive. There are a few exceptions like BestNess's Ness. He's psi-magnet reversing all over the place and pulling off combos that look technical and have **punch. But most characters even in the most-skilled hands don't do much that appears particularly skillful (despite the fact that what they're doing takes immense skill - it just isn't visually obvious). So I think it's true that proficiency isn't as visually noticeable in Smash Ultimate. I think this not only affects spectating, but gameplay as well. I feel badass wavedashing and micro-duck punishing in MK11, or low-parrying and then scooping my opp into a wall combo in Tekken7, etc., but there isn't anything like that in SU. (And I've learned a lot of tech looking for something like that)

**There's got to be a better term than 'punch', but I think you all know what I mean. High-level Melee is a great example. Offensive sequences are fast, technical and above all satisfying as hell. If one player messes up there's a decent chance he'll get viciously bopped from one side of the stage to the other in an awesome sequence that no one but the attacking player saw coming. It's truly a thing of beauty. In contrast, much of Ultimate's roster has a "ladder combo" BnB where the same move combos into itself: UpThrow > UpAir > UpAir> UpAir. And it just feels underwhelming - like, that's it? And what's worse is that the opponent is very often able to escape a follow-up attack.

In Melee, after a combo, the attacking player often gains momentum, sometimes immediately winning the neutral again and following up one sequence with another and then another until the opponent is destroyed. Stocks can disappear in a blink. In Ultimate, after the tepid 3-hit ladder combo, players usually just reset to neutral and stay there zoning and running around playing Smash's equivalent of footsies w/ aerial hitboxes, I guess, for a good while before anyone lands anything significant. Most characters are so safe (due to low recovery on attacks, lots of great defensive options, etc.) that even correct reads on your opponent often go unrewarded as they recover and dodge, shield, or roll out of harm's way.

Anyway that pretty much articulates why I think Smash Ultimate is not hype. I realize that according to the poll not everyone agrees with me lol

TL;DR: Smash Ultimate lacks flashy tech and satisfying offense.
I just felt like providing some examples on the "lacks flashy tech" point. Almost all of the tech in Ultimate requires specific controller setups and hand gymnastics to pull off, but to the viewer doesn't appear to be anything special; in fact it's barely noticeable:

Pivot Cancel tilt - out of a run, do a normal grounded attack but slide a bit extending range slightly.
Pivot Grab - out of a run, extend range on grab.
Wavebounce/C-Bounce - shift momentum to do retreating, forward-facing special move either from ground or in air.
RAR/IBA - perform a back-air while moving forward.
B-reversing special - perform a special move while turning to face opposite direction. If used in air this causes a momentum shift.
Turn around special - perform a special move while turning to face opposite direction.
Instant Dash Attack - perform dash attack quickly from standing position.
Crouch Ledge Slip - fall off platforms/stage at a more vertical angle.

Keep in mind that most SU tech takes a lot of practice to do consistently (especially due to SU's notorious buffer system), despite looking plain af. I have to do 5 precise inputs just to fall off the stage at a slightly different angle. All that practice should get me an Electric-Wind-God-Fist, a Melee Moon Walk, a 3rd Strike Daigo parry, etc.