Slips and Hippo Show Ep 6 - The One About NA West and Evo 2013

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By KingHippo on Jul 22, 2018 at 11:14 AM
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    Still waking up? Why not do it with the @Slips and Hippo show? This week we talk the NA West online tourney, some of our favorite players, wax nostalgic about Evo 2013 for Injustice, and answer some listener questions. Enjoy! Videos, as always, by @Noble Raptor

    00:00:00 - 00:04:55 (Elite 8 for NA West)
    00:04:56 - 00:15:41 (NA West discussion)
    00:15:42 - 00:17:39 (Match of the Week)
    00:17:40 - 00:42:11 (More NA West discussion)
    00:42:12 - 00:44:00 (War of the Gods discussion)
    00:44:01 - 00:54:07 (HappyPow quitting IPS/Making it as 'Pro')
    00:54:08 - 01:09:50 (Top 3 favorite players)
    01:09:31 - 01:38:46 (Evo 2013 retrospective)
    01:38:47 - 01:56:59 (Q/A, Wrap-up)

    Download link available here!
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Discussion in 'Podcasts, Shows & Archives' started by KingHippo, Jul 22, 2018.

    1. Matix218
      Yes! Drive to work will not be boring tomorrow!!
    2. KingHippo
      MP3 link fixed!
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    3. KingHippo
      BTW, if anyone wants to do a specific list, whether it be favorite or least favorite things, let us know! We'd like to keep it NRS FGC centric, but we're open to lots of topics.
    4. KingHippo
      Timestamps now up!
    5. HGTV Soapboxfan
      HGTV Soapboxfan
      Was Final Round 2012 the tournament that Medina streamed? I fully believe that it was a disaster at the venue (especially based on stories from other years) but I remember that fondly as a spectator. I think at one point Pig's wife was commentating? I just remember it as a wacky ridiculous event - which probably means it wasn't that fun to be at lol. Idk if either of you were there but I remember Devastation 2011 being an absolute nightmare of an event. Not only was the tournament a failure, players didn't get paid for a long time ( Were they ever paid? idk), there was a patch like the week of that changed how basic movement worked (you were able to cancel dashes into dashes originally), everyone was freaking out about Reo playing Kabal with a hitbox, etc etc.
    6. KingHippo
      I was at Dev 2011, that was a fine runner-up for worst tournament ever. The only reason it wasn't was because at least the top 8 played out in decent fashion and not all during the last day. But I re-iterate, it's only by very little lol
    7. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Wow I had no idea that HappyPow felt that bad that he decided to quit. And yeah it does sound like an emotional response but still. I only hope he is ok and that he will be back to play MKX and IJ2 after he takes some time to rest.

      I do agree that the structure of the IPS is indeed harder for everyone outside of NA, and I do wanna bring out that in the MKX ESL season league, it was indeed way easier because the whole series went online and only the grand finals were in an offline event, so the players had to take only one flight. Maybe NRS/WB would make should do the same for the next series, either IJ2 IPS season 3 or whatever series it's gonna be for MK11 if and when that games comes out, and then maybe it will be easier for everyone. It could work. I mean it's not their fault of course, it's just an idea.
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    8. HGTV Soapboxfan
      HGTV Soapboxfan
      Grand finals of Reo vs Mr Mileena was really hype too I think. There was a round that Reo just looped NDCs on block for a perfect or something. It seemed like something on the edge of the possibilities at that time in 2011 - long before NDC pressure became standard fare.
    9. KingHippo
      That tournament definitely started the big Hitbox scare of 2011.
    10. CrimsonShadow
      It's an infinite, man :cool:
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    11. Linkuei82
      I remember that. It was after Mr Mileena dominated Reo with kitana and he answered back with that crazy ndc pressure. Mr Mileena just looked at him and smiled. Reo REO was on hitbox though. The impressive thing was when it broke and he could do that on pad.
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    12. Linkuei82
      That was actually to me the best and the last time final round was hype for an nrs game. It was right after the 4v4 and Medina stream from the morning all the way till night. I remember watching the while thing. REO finally beat CDjr and beat pig in the GF. He was so happy lol
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    13. Matix218
      What was the tournament in the MK9 era where they literally had MK9 setups in the bathroom? Someone has to remember what I'm talking about. That had to be a pretty horrible tournament experience.
    14. KingHippo
      Texas Showdown 2012, iirc.
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    15. HGTV Soapboxfan
      HGTV Soapboxfan
      The problem with all these bad mk9 tournament memories is that I remember them as being something fun in a way. Just the sheer absurdity of things like setups in the bathroom is semi-appealing to me lol. Obviously things are much better now but there was an excitement to us being this new thing that was struggling to survive through these random unexpected adversities.
    16. Matix218
      I would like to submit a Q & A topic: Assuming we will be getting a new mortal kombat game announced in the near future, from a general gameplay system perspective (ie not specific characters, moves, storyline stuff) what would you like to see brought back from MKX and what would you like to see changed or taken out? Specific items I would like to hear your feedback on would be stamina bar, run system, wake up system, armor/armor breaking, anti airs, multiple character variations, etc.
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    17. TheGabStandard
      Great episode again guys. The Inj1 Evo retrospective was a fun listen as I remember it well. Might be wrong but on the point about KDZ disappearing after Evo I think he did win a tournament with "nerfed" Superman afterwards. I want to say Winter Brawl but not sure if that is classified as a major or not.
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    18. juicepouch
      Yeah that was WinterBrawl 14? I think. He beat Sonic Fox in a super hype set, I don't care if people wanna debate major or not but beating the best player in the scene with nerfed Superman vs full power Batgirl was a huge statement. I wish KDZ had stuck with Supes instead of moving on to playing Wowo
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    19. TheGabStandard
      that was it, thanks for the reminder. That was a great set
    20. KingHippo
      I thought we mentioned WB but after two recordings it's hard to keep it all straight haha. But yes he did win that one
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    21. Espionage
      KDZ not only won it but he reset the bracket as well coming from losers which is super tuff versus SonicFox.

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