Slips and Hippo Show Ep 5 - The One About Viennality and Justification

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By KingHippo on Jul 14, 2018 at 10:29 PM
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    It's episode 5 of the @Slips and Hippo show! We talk about the exciting events of Viennality 2018, what it means going forward for the meta of the game, and we once again discuss why the FGC matters to us. If you're going to listen to only a few parts of the show, you gotta tune in starting at 1:55:00, which features a very personal story from Slips about why he still plays that will make you want to immediately grab a controller and start grinding any fighting game. You can't miss it! Featuring videos by @Noble Raptor again!


    00:00:00 - 00:04:47 (Elite 8 Roundup for Viennality 2018)
    00:04:48 - 00:14:31 (Viennality discussion)
    00:14:32 - 00:17:11 (Match of the Week - Happypow vs. Irishmantis)
    00:17:13 - 00:33:29 (More Viennality talk)
    00:33:30 - 00:38:32 (Fuckmuppet/Which Muppets fuck?)
    00:38:33 - 00:50:21 (War of the Gods talk/Cyborg talk)
    00:50:22 - 00:58:56 (Foxy out of IPS/Soccer)
    00:58:57 - 01:14:36 (TYM Thread for Ep. 4/"NRS games aren't built to last"
    01:14:37 - 01:22:43 (Lack of clarity regarding I2 flaws)
    01:22:44 - 01:28:00 (Posthumans IGAU complaining)
    01:28:01 - 01:39:17 (Pressure affecting fun/NRS Community's short memory)
    01:39:18 - 01:52:04 (Japanese arcade culture/competitive culture differences)
    01:52:05 - 01:55:00 (Feeling the need to justify playing games)
    01:55:01 - 02:04:32 (Slips' story)
    02:04:33 - 02:26:12 (Q & A: How did you guys get into the FGC?/Wrap-up)

    Direct link to an MP3 version: and Hippo Show Ep 5 Full.mp3

    As always, we want to hear feedback. I know my sound is bad on the Match of the Week footage, but what can I say? I'm terrible :p If you have a question you want to ask of the show, ask in the comments here or on YouTube. We can also be reached on Twitter at @KingHippo42 and @Slipkicks and @NobleRaptor. Thanks so much everyone, we appreciate your viewership!
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Discussion in 'Podcasts, Shows & Archives' started by KingHippo, Jul 14, 2018.

    1. KingHippo
      Timestamps now available!
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    2. CrimsonShadow
      One thing I think it’d be good to talk about is the concept of a vocal minority; that regardless of any quibbles with the meta entrant numbers are good, almost every tournament has had exciting and hotly contested sets, and players are getting better.

      So the tournament scene is moving on regardless. This doesn’t make any constructive criticism invalid, but it’s def. not the ‘doom and gloom’ situation some of us would like to paint in every game we have (since MK9 — remember ‘it’s dead after EVO?’)
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    3. Matix218
      @KingHippo @Slips I have not listened to this one yet but I have the mp3 downloaded for my work commute this week. One thing I was wondering if you guys would be interested in adding to the show is something similar to 16 Bit's old "stock market" threads. Basically after a major tournament he would go over which players stock was up or down and why based on the most recent results. Of course he would make them super juicy and they were always good discussion/hype adding material. I thought that could be something fun to look forward to following a major (everyone used to love the old 16 Bit threads). Just a thought. Or maybe that wouldn't work in podcast format and lends better to a forum thread. What do I know lol
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    4. Slips
      This is a great idea. I don't think we could do it justice the way he did it, but it's worth trying.
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    5. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Wow guys the podcast this week was truly a good one. Pretty much everything you said was very true, especially regarding the community and look on the games. Also Slips' story was very good to hear. I acutally learned a couple of things from this podcast on what I need to do not just regarding fighting games but also as a person.

      Also, I myself thought that IJ2 was a very counter-pick heavy game, at least in comparison to MKX, but after listening to you, I've realized that both MKX and IJ2 are not counter-pick heavy at all. If the games are very balanced, you don't really have to

      Also I gotta say your podcast was 10 times better the one from REO that with M2Dave and other pros that M2Dave have posted here (they were "discussing" why people hate IJ2, yet theyt were complaning about MKX , each of them with their own complaiment). You guys were very mature, down to earth and with a smart approach, unile what happened in that podcast.

      So @KingHippo and @Slips , thank you very much for the podcast. Hope to see more like this :)
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    6. HellblazerHawkman
      Yeah, I know I was kind of in the "this game is doing worse than Marvel" mindset until Viennality. Hoping Viennality wasn't just an outlier and EVO/KiT can generate that same excitement
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    7. wsj515
      Can't we just be happy with all the good extra content we are getting?
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    8. Juggs
      No you madman, that’s literal crazy talk!
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    9. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Yes we can, when it comes of course ;)
    10. Paul the Octopus
      Paul the Octopus
      @Slips @KingHippo just wanted to say that I’m enjoying the podcasts, and they’ve caused me to start watching Injustice again after dropping it for quite a while. Will probably start playing online again as well.
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    11. ChatterBox
      Loving the show guys! The positive attitude, hype, and detachment from being only scene kids is very refreshing. "Just lab more" is the right mantra at this stage of the game in my opinion as well.
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    12. villainous monk
      villainous monk
      I just wanted to say that I think you guys a re doing the Lord's work by putting out great fgc NRS content out there in these podcasts.

      I've never been a podcast type of guy because they always seem to have a gimmick or a agenda forced on you rather then what you guys do which is just talk about the community.

      Great job guys and keep it up. I'm downloading ep 4 right now.

      I also wanted to give you a bit of feedback on a few things but I honestly have read through a few threads here and the I'm just not up to debating with quite a few people on this site with walls of texts on I2.

      Just try not to change nothing for a while ok. Keep doing what your doing.

      You boys got yourself a fan.

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    13. TheGabStandard
      Great episode once again. Loved the content and discussion as always, especially how you guys got into the FGC. I also think you should keep the name of the show as it is, it just seems to work imo.

      On a small side note @Slips England have won the World Cup once before but it was all the way back in 1966.

      As a question for the show I would also be interested to know what were your best and worst tournament experiences and why.

      Looking forward to future episodes guys.
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    14. coolwhip
      I found myself really drawn to Slips' self-reflection towards the end. Like legit carefully listening. What a weirdly wise guy.
    15. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      I already mentioned it in the thread for the podcase from REO and M2Dave, but I wanna show it here also because this just fits perfectly to what you said about players need to lab more now that there is more time for it.

      There is a video from REO's channel from 2016, which he posted regarding the branch Interactable that is in the center of the Kuatan Jungle stage in MKX, about a year and a half after MKX was released and after it was believed by the entire community that all of the uses for that Interactable were found and there is nothing to discover, and yet REO shows how you can jump forward from the branch and who you can spend a Meter bar for it in order to use it for your advantage. So if REO can find something new and interesting in MKX, after he labbed it after a year and half after MKX was released, that means anyone can lab and find new stuff even today for MKX or IJ2. That proves that you need to lab more, and not reliying on NRS/WB chaning stuff.

      I've even made a video myself on how you can do the Stage Brutality regardless if you jus hang on it or jump right from it after you hang on it, after watching the video from REO back then.
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    16. JBeezYBabY
      Well well well! Uncle JBeezY finally gets a chance to listens. And even though i only listened to a couple of parts, you guys actually got a good thing going. And it actually creates buzz here for discussion which has been idle for a quite some time. For that alone, I salute you and will continue to listen to this podcast. Righteous work guys ;)
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    17. CrimsonShadow
      Since people keep asking what was wrong with Supergirl at launch, the two biggest things were:
      1) She didn't have a safe footsie string
      2) This meant that she had to frequently burn meter in order to stay safe, which meant that she never had bar to do damage (and I don't mean bar to do a lot of damage -- in general her damage off confirms from her bnb-starters was medium-low compared to the cast).

      So essentially the meter deficit was constantly handicapping her from being able to use her full potential, all to avoid being punished for having footsies blocked. It also meant that you were likely losing clashes, etc.

      I have seen people mention this a few times, but I've never seen a convincing counterargument to why this was fine. So @KingHippo since you're a thinker, if you'd like to explain it'd be good to talk about it.
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    18. Juggs
      Yeah, pre-patched SG wasn’t fine, that’s why she was nowhere to be found in tournament, especially not in top 8. And top players TRIED to use her before she got buffed, all of them universally agreed she wasn’t really good enough to be a consistent tournament viable character. But they weren’t that vocal about it, they just used other characters.
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    19. DownfouralitY
      Great episode, guys. That story about KIT that Slips told was insane, that could've ended up so much worse. As well as why Slips went on hiatus, I had no idea shit went so south. That's crazy, glad it all ended up alright though. I also definitely agree on why people are more inclined to shit on the current game rather than older ones. Even though I don't think playing for money is the only cause, it's definitely a big one. Really interesting topics, keep it up.
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    20. villainous monk
      villainous monk
      So I thought about it... And I going to say my peace.

      The community. It's not as small as many might think. There are a ton of us who just don't care to voice an opinion. No matter if the game is good or bad or match up's or what pro's think because we don't care. Yes I'm talking about casuals. The majority of people playing the game.

      Honestly I think casuals need a focus for a few minutes because on other sites casuals want to find out about competitive scenes in I2.

      I also think when pro players say oh the games bad or this or that who cares? Fuck em. Someone else who wants and needs that spot will take it. New competitive players should be welcomed. Let them move aside. Do we really need to hang off of statements of others that goes on a negative Twitter tangent about the game or mechanics? I mean by all means NRS NEEDS to know some of the issues in their games like input delay, lack of general AA's. Mobility issues and I would say even input commands. That sort of shit.

      I don't know. That's a few issues. It's whatever. Know one cares about a random input from me but I think others feel the same way. Even though that's the exact same thing the pros are saying but really does it really matter that some of them find it boring or whatever.

      I don't think so but it would be better if it was constructive criticism on issues on the mechanics of the game (which most of these issues have transferred from game to game really now for a few years) or the engine then on the regular " oh this oppressive character needs nerfs or buffs this and that on this character argument.

      I said my peace.

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    21. Protagonist_1
      Yo, that real life story on how Slips went on hiatus and came back was really deep. I meet a lot of people that already have one foot in the grave and have gave up on their passion or just life in general. Glad you were able to rekindle that, looking forward to meeting you guys at Evo.
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    22. Braindead
      Just finished listening. Great episode. The stories in the last hour were a great listen.

      SWAT kicking the door in on Slips was hilarious lmao

      I hope there's a new episode coming out in the next couple of days because I have a few flights coming up and it would be the best way to pass the time

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    23. KingHippo
      I think you may be in luck...
    24. Braindead
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