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Skullgirls - GG's Thread


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Yes. I'm terrible also guys...this is a new game and we all have a lot of learning to do. Playing online is how you get better. If anyone is down for online practice mode let me know
Right here lol. Add me FrothyOmen. I'm not too great myself; practice is the only way to learn. hit me up.

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Add eX ii BoDAM ii
I have the game at my girlfriend's but have barely the slightest idea on how to play. Someone help!!!
Have you ever played MK online for a full year and then went to your first offline tournament? It's like that but every time I log on.
So how can a piddly little company no one has ever heard of produce netcode for a downloadable game that is better than a world-renowned franchise made by people who have been making games for years?


I don't play Runescape
GGs to Verstande last night's matches were killer. Your Cerebella/Fillia team ain't nothing to fuck with. I kept seeing that Cerebella combo and I'm like (oh no, I'm fucked!) it did so much damage, even when I was playing Solo. And the grapple stuff in the corner was boss, thanks for teaching me not to tech so much :p

I must ask, why no Cerebella Grapple super though? Also, what did you think of my Ms Fortune? I had just picked her up recently, and I'm really loving that I did. Rekka rekka your face!
ggs to DragonPick, your valentine is beyond my skills in SG.

I honestly find it hard to pull off the grapple super, that's why I don't do it.
I had to play hard to fight off your Fortune, when I push-blocked you came right back to me, and when I tried to punish you, I always mis-timed it and got (counter-punished?)

I look forward to more matches in the future, it was very fun to play with you.