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Discussion in 'Skarlet' started by Deftonesrc, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. Deftonesrc

    Deftonesrc Electrical Engineering bitch!

    First off, I want to say that Skarlet has greatly improved my understanding of this game. I have learned that every juggle doesnt need to have a dash to connect a hit after an upslash. And my input accuracy has improved drastically.

    All this seems to mean nothing against scorpion. There are a few characters in this game that basically have me scared to do anything; scorpion is one of those characters. I have an issue with random teleports, random spears, and hellfire. I'm good with waiting for someone to teleport, block, and 40% punish that ass, but when they start to hellfire me, I feel as though i NEED to get in on them. At this point, I get baited into some stupid vortex shit.

    Any advice on how to handle scorpion with skarlet?

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  2. Scoot Magee

    Scoot Magee But I didn't want to dash

    I'm not that familiar with skarlet but if you just keep your cool and move forward scorpion is not going to hellfire so much. The closer you get the more risky it is to hellfire depending on the character. Just eat a hellfire or 2 and just watch out when you are within b2/f4 range. One good jump against anything he can try at that range will blow him up. I'm not sure what her options are on the ground, just never jump from half screen away, it's asking to eat an aa spear unless you have some type of air mobility.
  3. Eddy Wang

    Eddy Wang Skarlet scientist

    You have to make reads if you want to win this match, its not dificult at all, since all Scorpion's tools are higly risky, he can't relay on teleports and spears because are highly punishable, so don't get too stucked on a single place.
  4. Noble Raptor

    Noble Raptor Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Daggers are a bad trade to Hellfire. I think it's like 2% vs. 14% lol. I think you just gotta rush him down. He is a high hitbox character afterall and Skarlet's footsies > Scorpion's.
  5. Saint

    Saint Noob

    14% hellfire? HAHAHHAA

    I wish...
  6. Scoot Magee

    Scoot Magee But I didn't want to dash

    On a trade you get 14% because you get a free 2nd hellfire.
  7. Saint

    Saint Noob

    On what planet? Hellfire grants you 0 advantage


    Hellfire has more hitstun than any non-immobilizing projectile in the game I believe.
  9. Saint

    Saint Noob

    That is irrelevant because you're still on 0
  10. Noble Raptor

    Noble Raptor Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Scorpion can get a 2nd Hellfire when he trades a Hellfire with a projectile that doesn't knock down. If you aren't sure, try it yourself in Training Mode.


    Yeah but what I'm saying is that the trading projectile will knock you out of Scorpion's duration frames on it and you'll have enough time to get another hellfire in.
  12. Saint

    Saint Noob

    This has got to be very situational, depending on the distance the projectile in question has travelled by the time your opponent is hit by your fire.
  13. if you trade with any projectile you can get a 2nd hellfire, they have a small whole to jump out of it I believe, but if they jump then they risk eating a spear and a full vortex combo, and no one wants to take that risk.
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  14. Ninj

    Ninj Where art thou, MKX Skarlet?
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    Oh i think i get it.

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  15. OutworldKeith

    OutworldKeith Premium Supporter
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    Scoot is correct. With any projectile that doesn't stun/knock down Scorpion gets a free Hellfire. Frame data won't tell you everything bro.
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  16. OutworldKeith

    OutworldKeith Premium Supporter
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    If you trade with KL's low hat he's trapped into that second hellfire.
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  17. yep he is, the only projectiles that get good trades with hellfire are like sub's freezeball or a noob's shadow bcuz it is a knockdown.
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  18. OutworldKeith

    OutworldKeith Premium Supporter
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    Don't forget Sektor gets knockdown and Cyrax gets that fuckin' net!
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  19. Saint

    Saint Noob

    It's situational, I'm trying it right now
  20. OutworldKeith

    OutworldKeith Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    I basically told you the situation. Any projectile that doesn't stun/knockdown. You can also land this full-screen, it depends on the recovery of the projectile though.
  21. Johnny2d

    Johnny2d Xbl: Johnny2Die

    To bet Scorpion, use d4, df3, 4. It stuffs his wakeup options too so try it a couple times, if he doesn't want to block low, take it all day long. If he starts blocking low, en overhead.

    The vortex is a pain in the ass but its a guess for him as well as for you, he guesses wrong, blow him up. Be patient and don't do stupid shit when he is operating the vortex, panicking guaruntees the vortex will work. Punishing his wrong guess puts you back at advantage.
  22. Lord Beef

    Lord Beef The one and Only Beef Supreme
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    Hey bud, add me on psn. I can help you with the scorpion match up. I'm no slips or crazy_magus but my scorpion is no slouch. ;)

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  23. Scoot Magee

    Scoot Magee But I didn't want to dash

    It's really not that situational. If a character throws a projectile at you then you hellfire while they are throwing it, you will be hit out of the recovery of the hellfire and will have enough time to get a guaranteed 2nd hellfire. Sometimes they can jump out depending on distance/hitstun from the projectile. I use this all the time and it's actually common to see.
  24. GrandMasterson

    GrandMasterson Lord or thief, all will fall

    Seconding this. A few rare, beautiful times I've even managed to get a completely free teleport because I managed to read that hellfire would be active a few frames before my opponent's projectiles would hit me, where I was then knocked out of nearly the entire hellfire animation immediately after it hit. HOLD DAT FREE TELEPORT INTO VORTEX MIX UP, MILEENA.
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  25. Saint

    Saint Noob

    That is exactly what I'm saying, they can jump out depending on distance, which makes it situational. I'll show you when I get my capture card. We are saying the same thing.

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