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Skarlet masks without straps - Does this annoy anyone else?

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So, they made the effort to put head-straps or string on pretty much all the masks choices for Scorpion, Sub Zero, Frost, Kitana and most of Jade's.

Yet for Skarlet, as well as Jade for any of the masks she shares with her, almost all of them are just magically glued onto her face without any straps or string to hold them there.

I know it's only a small detail, but it annoys the hell out of me since it makes the masks look stupid if they're not covered by hair.

Is it just me, or does this annoy anyone else since it not only seems really lazy design, but also completely ruins some skin/mask combos I might have wanted to use because the glued-on mask just sat on her face completely ruins it for me?



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I'm not a fan of it honestly either because it's nonsensical and aesthetically gross.
Lol...I have never noticed! Now I can’t unsee it. Maybe her masks are made out of blood and just naturally bonds to her face?

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Yeah, I also dont really like the textures on a lot of things, but the floating mask is a definite eyesore.

Art Lean

Ugh... Seriously, how did this get past quality control, especially when she's primarily the only one in the game to suffer this (note that any of Jade's masks guilty of the same are just palette swaps of Skarlet's masks)???17173
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They have an inside mouthpiece she is biting on to make the mask stick to her face ;)


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Or how about they still didnt give us the short hair skin from her ending, all the concept art and reveal event.