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Discussion in 'Skarlet' started by Mosp, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. AssassiN

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    I think there is only one match recorded(unless there is some off-stream footage) where you use Skarlet against Kung Lao.

    You started off good, your footsies seem good just you were a little too aggressive against Kung Lao.
    Also, you can punish Kung Lao's tele by doing F4+up slash. It's basically a free combo every time for Skarlet, you have enough time after a canceled dagger to do it. But uppercut seemed to work fine for you.

    I also saw your Battle and Brew vids:

    You played a lot better in these vids, you were very patient against Rain(I guess this is something that is needed in this MU). Just too bad you didn't punish his whiffed thunder a lot better, it was one of those rare moments that you can do her biggest damage with JIP, B2 and in the corner.
    Against Smoke you played very well, good punishments and slides kept on hitting him. He was afraid to do smoke bombs, can Skarlet just red dash through them?

    I noticed you used B11F4, up slash into OTG dagger, he was able to poke out of it. If you do F43 instead with OTG dagger you are at the perfect distance where the pokes will whiff and you can punish them with F4. Something I've been using lately and it has been working perfectly, only thing you have to fear is armor and normals that are faster and travel that far.
  2. AK L0rdoftheFLY

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    I meant specifically for MLG...really at this tourney I was very drunk (just wanted to have fun) and I could have beaten Smar I think if I hadnt dropped that armor upslash Thanks man
  3. AssassiN

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    Maybe you should be drunk more? :p
    Anyway, I keep seeing improvements. Keep it up.
  4. Mosp

    Mosp Noob

    You actually played Kevo's Kabal really well armoring through buzzsaw and his pressure for combos. Landing a d3 and checking him with f4 which he seemed to always get hit by lol. Throwing 2 daggers fullscreen to stop the ex nomad dash which it did once. Honestly I think the only reason you lost was the dropped combos but I have no doubt you will get those down very soon and dominate some people. I really didn't get to see your pressure so much after a 112 reset but the b11f4 was working really well for you, I would just mix it up a bit more. Overall really good though, will you be at MLG Dallas?
  5. AK L0rdoftheFLY

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    unfortunately no...EMP Skar will have to do. id love to go though.
  6. Mosp

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    I want to go but it seems like me and Skar will be the only ones if I do go.
  7. Khaotic_xShangx

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    Fly, I watch yall battle and brews all the time and when i saw u fight rain i think that is a MU in skarlet's favor by a little. Hear me out: Skarlet can actually zone rain with daggers and his only options would be to jump or teleport. When he teleports, u can quickly combo on reaction with d1 dc, 2 dc, 112 then get some chip damage and go back to zoning. His lightning will not come out fast enough when throwing endless daggers. I dont know if u have tried this strategy but i have and it works. Also if u see him trying to lighting, checking him with a slide every now and then wont hurt.

    Can u tell me how u usually think in this MU?
  8. Khaotic_xShangx

    Khaotic_xShangx Fear the Skulls

    U forgetting bout her being my secondary but i will only use her if im desperate meaning she wont come out much :(
  9. trustinme

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    fly ur last match against kevo was fucking epic! ur skarlets really fucking good.
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  10. AK L0rdoftheFLY

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    It's harder to some than u think. I can't throw endless daggers cause if he ducks one he can get a lightning out before the second one hits. The second dagger trades with lightning, and he gets a bubble or ex bubble for 29% (while also stealing my meter).

    She can throw one dagger into rd. and bait a lightning but he can also bait a slide and armor it for 46% or more. I played him more last week and I won most of the Matches but maybe @stb smargasm can help.
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  11. Ninj

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    Fixed Smarrgasm

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  12. Eddy Wang

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    Skarlet 5-5 matches are like a balance, the hype force balance between sides

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