Size, Position, and Movement Differences between MKX and Injustice

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    If you’ve ever felt the difference in these games and wanted to know exactly why, keep reading, most of this should feel intuitive. Took me a couple hours but I was curious and did some research and number crunching.


    MKX has more standard movement, Injustice has more of a spectrum… This study is based on averages.

    Based on IGAU 1, but probably similar to IGAU 2… Not sure if it applies to MK9

    Constants / Similarities / Assumptions (both games):

    • Average male characters height (about 6’)
    • Average width to height ratio 5/12
    • Average areas of attacks are proportional to average character size
    • 16:9 screen width to height ratio


    Area of the screen in Injustice ≈ 2 x Area of the screen in MKX

    Average male takes up 5% on average of the screen area in Injustice

    Average male takes up 10% on average of the screen area in MKX

    ∴ This means MKX’s normals have twice as much area as IGAU’s normals

    Width of the screen in Injustice ≈ 1.5 x Width of the screen in MKX

    Close screen width = 5 MKX characters = 7 IGAU characters

    Full screen width = 7 MKX characters = 11 IGAU characters

    ∴ Being full screen in MKX looks the same as being close to you opponent in IGAU

    Full screen width = 3 jumps, IGAU = 2 jumps, MK

    ∴ Jump distance (both games) = 3.5 x width of character

    Full screen width = 2.5 dashes, IGAU = 2 dashes, MK

    Dash distance, IGAU = 4.4 x width of character

    Dash distance, MKX = 3.5 x width of character

    ∴ Dash distance, IGAU = 1.25 x Dash distance, MK

    Side notes / Discussion / Thoughts:

    I think more things are unsafe in MKX since the area of attacks is twice as much as IGAU… AKA, your normals cover more options in MKX, which means they’re lower risk, so making them unsafe lowers your reward.

    ∴ Risk reward is constant in both games

    IMO, the specials, mbb3/f3's, and traits in IGAU make up for the lower area on normals.

    MKX’s mbb3 would be NJP… which some of them are insane for the screen size

    In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Quan Chi’s NJP = Aquaman’s b3 in area covered

    Injustice also has a lot of quick hitting things, F23, FTD, fear blast, interactibles, that are safe and strong tools. They happen to have a lot of block stun, this combination of annoying properties is why armor is a universal mechanic… these moves get blown up by mbb3 xx forward dash xx full combo in a lot of cases.

    I should add here that some normals and specials break the aforementioned "less attack area": Sinestro's b12, Nightwing's Flying Grayson, etc.

    If I had to guess, universal running would somehow be MK’s counterpart of IGAU’s universal armor… I haven’t put much thought into that but it kind of draws a parallel.

    I’m happy most of these came out to pretty whole numbers / fractions, as a designer you do things like that for simplicity.

    All in all, Injustice is the same as MKX, except with a bigger screen, bigger dashes, and universal armor.

    Thanks for reading,


    PS: @colt grade me?
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  2. you just called zoning annoying and played bane. we are eternal enemies. we come from completely different gaming backgrounds and your kind is the reason games are so scrubby. fricken rush down bane fool. I hate you. fear blast was like -2000
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    Now it all makes sense...
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    Haha I was really trying to keep this unbiased, slipped out the wrong way

    To be fair Bane's running charge has a lot of block stun and is safe so it qualifies as one of those "annoying" moves you can mbb3, ask staff stance NW players how fun that was ;)
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    Well you put a lot of thought and work into that. I appreciate it.
    I have noticed the character and scene sizes of INJ2 vs MKXL are very different. However, I wonder if the camera was tentatively zoomed out for the Beta. If they zoom in even slightly, the look and feel of the game would change.

    It's not a deal breaker either way though.
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    You might be surprised to hear that Max is a full time Cyborg now and is hype for him in Injustice 2.

    One thing not covered is startup time. Yes Aquaman's b3 covered a lot of distance. Kung Jin's NJP also covered a lot of distance. One move however, is 29 frame startup and the other is 11 frames startup. Big difference. One is reactable and the other isn't.
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    Goddamn, Max went and turned heel?
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    max playing cyborg...the fuck!?
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    Lol the game with the smaller screen has the ability to run and normals/strings that go 3/4 of the way across the screen. Granted f2,3 man could go about 1/5 of the screen in Injustice but c'mon. haha.
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    To be fair, he has beaten Limbodawg's Martian Manhunter with him...which is the closest thing to a 10-0 matchup.

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