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Tech Sinestro Resets/Conversions off Interactables


Beware your Fears
You will die screaming after checking out all of these combo setups put together by Ninequads93 for Sinestro. These resets and conversions are based off of the use of interactables. So, if you're a Sinestro player and this intrigues you... you're in a treat. Below are multiple videos showcasing differents ways to 'think out of the box' regarding getting damage and instilling fear in to your opponent.

Sinestro can get unblockable resets/(conversions) off interactables with trait

To get the ball rolling i give you this :)

Barrel Unblockable +43-57% w/ Bounce Cancel

Donkey Kong Version

Ferris Sinestro's Fear Playground Missle reset+42%

So what happens is there are interactables that pop your opp up in the air you can shoot trait and convert off of those interactable for example:


I will make a list on interactables shortly feel free to join in or find your own set-ups:)
Known interactable:
Mortorcycle (Wayne Manor)
Knight (Wayne Manor)
Chair of Goods (Wayne Manor)
Car (Metropolis)
Drones (Metropolis)
Alley (Fire Hydrant)

Tips *
Chair of Goods is pretty straight forward get your opp into schackles jf2,22,int,trait shot,schackles,mb boulder, fear blast. Can definately do something like a bgb combo that leads you to the chair and then go for the reset so has a lot of potential.
Barrels/Donkey Kong easy to do and very practical because it doesn't require you to be in a certain spot or end you combo in a weird way just go for your normal corner combo end in schackles jf1,interactable,trait shot,(Here is the hard part you have to hit your opp with trait shot at the right timing or they'll fly to far for b1 to reach) Once you start doing it becomes much easier
Missles yes, Sinestro has one on his favorite stage FERRIS this one is harder but what happens is the missle pops your opp up and into the corner the trait shot can be tricky takes lots of practice also the whole combo i general took me a while until I figure out a comfortable one that is pretty consistent d1,f2d13,112,schackles, this ALMOST leaves you enough time to grab another missle and loop it again I was this close || but if you choose to end in regular combo nj2,f2d13,d1,arachnid it does 42%

Here is the Bounce Cancel combo if anyone is interested (poor quality used my big screen)

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Beware your Fears
This is super impressive stuff
Great job man thinking outside the box and expanding your character
:')Thank you very much, I always felt like there is a universe to be explored w/ trait and I still feel like there is much more, I've always been crazy about maximizing damage and having a setup for every situation, i don't know what got into me it's like my third eye opened I just wished we could of all worked together to find this sooner,I hope we continue to work together in pushing each character to the limit, I CANNOT wait to get my hands on MKX and go berzerk w/ a zoner the tech will be plenty my friend:)


The CreepFather
:D I'm really glad you guys are being supportive and like the tech: ) )))). Felt like everytime I post something in the Sinestro sections it just gets lost in a black hole so its nice for ppl to actually be interested and get their creativity going.
Though I usually never say anything I ALWAYS see your sinestro stuff and you've helped me more than you know man. Your sinestro stuff always interest me so when i saw the thread title i had to click on it.


Beware your Fears
I updated post with new setup on Ferris w/missles !so Sinestro pretty much has one on most of the stages which is pretty cool , i tried hard to get his one to keep looping but im too late on the second rep on the missle by like a milisecond atleast it leaves them in the corner and can end in vortex. Also added tips and help.


Beware your Fears
Though I usually never say anything I ALWAYS see your sinestro stuff and you've helped me more than you know man. Your sinestro stuff always interest me so when i saw the thread title i had to click on it.
Thanks man that means a lot to me:) p2win was a big inspiration too ever since the beginning he believed and pushed Sinestro so I have to give a shoutout to him too

Front page??:)

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