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Hay yo, (Shock?) awesome site. I use to play this game all the time; 3 years stright when it came out, then i stopped until about a year ago. When i was a kid i use to just rape with everyone.


Sindel is a cool fighter in all, but shes not my best, but i think shes going potential with the screams. I just started to play around trowing in some aaHP aaHP, Scream, HP, HP combos going, but i get lucky on a lot of them

So does anyone have any advice/videos to help?

Im in the process of reading your guides, but they are so long; which is a good thing.

Side note: to the webmaster, you should link tot the tier list some where. I looked for a while but i couldn't find it. Maybe in the guides section?

Long post sorry


Just do what the guide says. The most important thing is to do her pop up combo after you get done with those aaHP. It's simple and powerful.

Really there isn't too much strategy to Sindel, I find. She's one of the more simple characters in the game because she has pretty simple special moves.


She has the air fireball which sets her apart from the others. It gives her a very unique dynamic. Plus her ability to punish with the scream gets pretty ridiculous.