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Sindel Scream with Reptile and Nightwolf?

Im playing with my friend I PIMPSMACK Ho's and His Friend Worser George.

Well.. First Reptile Force balls (slow) then Spits - NW Reflects the spit back and when it hits You hear a Sindel Scream.. Im not sure if this has already been found out or not but man its cool lol.


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That's been known since probably the first day anyone played UMK3 in 1995.
k, I dont check these boards at all and havent been playing MK3 for that long so yea... Sorry i guess for being ignorant?? O-o


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I don't think anyone's mentioned it on here, but it's just something common. There are other funny things that happen here and there.
BTW I played WorserGeorge tonight. He talked smack the whole time and quit right before I beat him.

Gotta love some of those online ppl
Meh...people always do that. Just laugh it off, unless your 360 freezes afterwards. Then procede to hate...

"If you have hate in your heart let it out."
I love kicking people who talks ass

I like having my mic out and my volume kinda low so it filters out all the crap they talk

when I do an inf or something sick they start talking louder and louder hahahahaha

my favorite thing to do is beat people who talk shit the whole time!