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I Have A Quick Question About Sindel . I Saw One Of Shocks Sindel Punisher Combos On Youtube The Other Day Where He Mixed In The Whole Flight Cancel Into The Jk AirFB . I Can't For The Life Of Me Work The Flight Cancel In , So I Wanted To Know The Best Alternative . I'm Working Off The Autocombo Pop-up Into The Corner Should I -

1 Deep Jk aaHp Firebreath
2 Deep Jk aaRh
3 aaHp Jk AirFB
4 aaHpHp Firebreath
5 A Better Alternative

Thanks In Advance .


If your opponent is too close to the corner after the popup to do aaHP without pushback then I kinda like jk, rh, runstep the LK, HK or aaLP->fireball depending on the opponent.


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After the popup near the corner depending on the distances and the character, you can get JK, JK, AFB in the corner which is good, I did it twice last night on XBL vs different characters, or if you're two far for that but too close for aaHPs, you can do JK, pause, low AFB, LK. You should be able to get at least one flight cancel if you perform the motion in the air on the way down, then just tap HK, BL, HP, Run.