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Discussion in 'Sindel' started by CaliJokerstyle, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. CaliJokerstyle

    CaliJokerstyle Dies A Lot
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    So even when i play people who are from here or MKU i get hate for Zoning with Sindel, Like with a matchup against Jax i don't want to get near him or i dont stand a chance. Anyone else get people who cuss you out for playing the character the way they were meant? (just sad at some of the MK community)
  2. CY MasterHavik

    CY MasterHavik Master of Chaos and Jax
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    I hate her for killing my mains in the story.
  3. CaliJokerstyle

    CaliJokerstyle Dies A Lot
    Premium Supporter

    lol im ok with that
  4. cirkusfreaksho

    cirkusfreaksho All in a day's work

    allllll the time....its usually wow your sindel is amazing or you spam with her!! people need to get a life they are happy when they win but mad when they lose...noobs are poor sports! play how ever u wanna with sindel
  5. they are just mad since they cannot get near you, which lets you to winning the match. i hope lol. ill play you. add me.i got something for sindel :evil:
  6. CY MasterHavik

    CY MasterHavik Master of Chaos and Jax
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    How could you stay such a thing?! The bitch killed Jax and Jade!
  7. CaliJokerstyle

    CaliJokerstyle Dies A Lot
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    i meant i was ok with the hate for that

    edit: Rey i added you though i know smoke normally trashes me lol same with Noob
  8. CY MasterHavik

    CY MasterHavik Master of Chaos and Jax
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    How good is Sindel btw? I haven't done much lab testing with anyone yet.
  9. VIDA

    VIDA Focused Grace and Intensity

    Myabe the hate subconsciously stems from bitterness over this lol.

    But honeestly I dont think many on here at least hate her. Ive had my ass kicked by good Sindel's and I just chalk it up to them playing her game--a keep away char with a crazy set of projectile tools and not so amazing scream and combo capability to balance it.

    Also, if you hate her range game, just use a strategy to shut it down...TP on reaction, get mid screen, time crouching dash-blocks and jumps for close quarters...etc. Thats the way I try to see it at least.
  10. VIDA

    VIDA Focused Grace and Intensity

    Honestly everyone in the game has their tools, a couple chars are low but most chars are up and can compete/matchup with each other fairly well in some unique way. Its impressive since BlazBlue is heralded for doing something similar with 10 chars, and NRS did it with 30+ retaining mostly old movesets from the 16 bit era. Honestly thats pretty impressive.
  11. CaliJokerstyle

    CaliJokerstyle Dies A Lot
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    Sindel can be vicious i surprise a lot of people with her and i would say i am a mediocre Sindel user (MK player period truthfully lol)
  12. Lyuben

    Lyuben Sinestro's might!

    Sindel completely shuts down several players. Mainly Sub-Zero with her Zoning. She also has good mix ups and is generally hard to block well against. Her X-ray is a low as well!

    So I see why lower skilled players find her difficult.
  13. DanCock

    DanCock Cock Master!!
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    sindel is bottom A+ tier at best. I use her 99% of the time. if people are bitching about her tell them to learn how to play the game better. rush her down and poke and cross her up. I'll be taking her to ect, she got me 12th-14 at power up.

    we need to play I'd like to see your sindel. sindel mirrors are annoying lol

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  14. McNasty

    McNasty Moist.
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    Anything good pisses people off in these games. sindels zoning=good therefor it gets hated on.
  15. CaliJokerstyle

    CaliJokerstyle Dies A Lot
    Premium Supporter

    yah man i would love to play you i have heard a lot about your sindel i could use the experience :)
  16. Neclord

    Neclord Noob

    I never get hate for using Sindel. Even when I play really lame and win flawless, I get no message for it.
    But why would they hate it when they get destroyed by a beautiful woman? :)

    Sindel is my true main character in the game, but I have to say in half of my matches I play her different. I don't just sit there and zone all day. Against Ermac for example, I try to get in at the right moment and do her 38% yell combo meterless and try to mix him up, because I know that Ermac has problems when someone gets really close.

    And finish them off with the :en low fireball... hilarious, it looks like they are losing their legs. :D
  17. Kwon

    Kwon ---->----

    Silly that the MKU-people should react this way.

    Play the way you like, if they can't handle it, too bad for them! :)

    Keep doing what you're doing Joker!

    Use her strengths and take advantage of your enemies weaknesses. As it should be.
  18. CaliJokerstyle

    CaliJokerstyle Dies A Lot
    Premium Supporter

    Thank you all I needed the pick up. Getting cussed out over mic gets to you after awhile that's why I have started playing with no sound lol. Be lord I do the same I rush zoners like Ermac and noob. Unless the person I'm playing can't handle her zone then I just do it instead of doing the extra work. My only prob on rushing in is online I drop her combos a lot I have a couple decent dancing combos that are not affected by lag but the high damage combos I Whif a lot. Oh well I'll get em :)
  19. Zoidberg747

    Zoidberg747 They see me teleportin', they hatin'

    Online I get tons of hatemail for this, haters gonna hate
  20. BustaUppa

    BustaUppa Westbury Nathan's 4 Life

    Oh I get TONS of hate over Sindel zoning. Damn right I'm gonna throw these fireballs, and if you do nothing to make me change my strategy I'm gonna keep on doing it. If you're afraid to move, it just means I'm playing my Sindel right. Haters gon' hate indeed. :D
  21. BustaUppa

    BustaUppa Westbury Nathan's 4 Life

    This hate mail is all the result of Sindel matches... lol

    Sindel errrrday :sindel:

  22. King

    King Sig Maker

    I hate Sindel, but that's because I'm a Sub/Ermac player. :D
  23. Lord Beef

    Lord Beef The one and Only Beef Supreme
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    Yeah babay! Gotta love that hate mail. (I main sub and second scorpion, so I can commiserate with you here brutha!) Let em hate!

    -b_s- :headbang:
  24. This! That's basically my motto in life! I main Kitana but my second is Sindel and I can tear up some ass with her! I love her...I can rush down and keep them at bay. If they would just speed up that scream she would be a wonderful contender in tournaments!
  25. people will bitch anytime you win by zoning. its the same thing as spamming to the bums who can't play.

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