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Sindel fatalities + most of her intros so far

Sindel Frst fatality + fatal blow...

Sindel second fatality

New Sindel vs Cetrion Intro dialogue

New Johnny Cage vs Sindel intro dialogue

NEW Intro Sindel vs Shao Kahn

All known intros so far


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Fatality looked awesome. If you slow down the frames you can see her banshee ghost thing actually pop out of her face. Her FB feels like a mix of Kitana's and Shang's at the end of it almost merged.
Can't say anything with these fake-ass trailers tbh. Bet more than half of her cool moves won't even be in competitive variations so I'll just hold my dick until I actually get to play her.
She looks really cool...but I hope there's no endoskeleton move in there, in terms of usefulness.

I would like her eyes to have no pupils tho.

And since revenant is default I guess her Kombat Kard stuff will be revenant too.

The horror costume pack...well, it's different I guess heh.

The classic Cassie isn't what folks expected...but at lease she'll have a midriff now.
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