Showdown Tournament's Super Mini Results [Video!]

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    From this past weekend's California madness comes the full Top 8 results from the Showdown Tournament's Super Mini. In case you missed this, here is a full video of the Top 8 running at over an hour and a half of footage with the following competition: Michaelangelo, KamikazeJD, What's Her Name, DarkHood88, Wrath, Wounded Cowboy, PboardPlayer, H20 Farmer, Gnarly Chaplin and Doc. Thanks to Josh aka Trexid for the tip on this.

    Tournament Results
    MK9 Top 3 Results:
    1st – Michelangelo
    2nd – Wrath 88
    3rd – Wound Cowboy

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  2. Congrats to the first girl who plays MK top 8 haha.
  3. Whats Her Name has potential. She needs more training though, she was dropping almost all of her combos, maybe that was tournament nerves?

    BTW hearing Michaelangelo squeal like a girl during Whats Her Names match: PRICELESS!
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  4. Yes! That's when you know its hype! :D
  5. Carefoot


    This was great nice casting Mike and farmer; great matches all competitors. I cannot believe I didn't make it too this tournament I plead ignorance an MK front runner tourny likes this needs full support. That was sick. Getting to see everyone in the community from Evo was kind of super nostalgic I miss you guys I need to make it too more tournaments I have some bank I will break it for Evo series. Gotta populate that Stryker.
  6. Sage Leviathan

    Sage Leviathan UPR_Sarah_Silverman_

    Michaelangelo needs to watch REO from Devastation :3

    Great showing on his part, congratulations!
    Shoutouts to Whats Her Name making Top 8.
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