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Should Scorpion be banned at Evo 2013?

Should Scorpion be banned at Evo 2013?

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Whether or not Scorpion is broken is up for debate.

I just think he came out too soon, and he is a very good character and will require a lot of matchup experience, and it is a bit unfair to some people who might not get as much time as they can with him just yet.

So just better to be safe then sorry.

I also feel the same with Batgirl.
YES. Seriously don't just be a mindless sheep and listen to Perfect Legend so he can keep his "fair character". I really don't like to hate on people or disrespect people but that's just the fact of what's going on here. He ruins the game in many ways and if you want to now how PLEASE listen to the Mopstop posted last night.
Ban him till fixed. His mechanics don't work with the rest of the character's. It's just math. And it's not what you want to see in any kind of competitive game. It cheapens the whole experience.


Please listen to the community, we want this game to survive and thrive at a high level. The diversity and depth brought by the stage systems all are the lifeblood of this game. Scorpion does not allow those things. He is literally bleeding Injustice dry.

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Fucking yes.

I'd rather see our EVO champion this year with win a character that requires some knowledge (and skill) of the game, rather than some spasticated mongaloid gameplan that doesn't change regardless of matchup/scenario.

NO Scorpion player wins because they're good with Scorpion.



Scorpion as a character currently renders important of the game useless. The interactable system is ruined since he will simply teleport and punish you every time, while he is free to use them at will.

The zoning system is ruined since he can teleport on reaction and punish you for even thinking about zoning. NO zoners in the game have the tools to counter this character.

The blocking mechanic is broken since you have to constantly hold DOWN in case a teleport is coming.

Screen position is meaningless again scorpion, his options are never limited no matter where he is on the screen.

The basic fundamentals of the game go out the window once Scorpion is picked on the character select screen


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What if MMH and General Zod are more broken than scorpion? "But it's MMH he's so kewl!1" "General Zod is supposed to be OP!" Don't you think the more you play a presumable top tier character, the more you learn to beat him? Scorpion came out about 2-3 weeks ago. You don't learn matchups in 2-3 weeks. I'm still struggling against Batgirl, who is also super good.

In ST, O. T hawk is now considered top tier! After like 15-20 years! People just like to have their voices heard and NRS allows it. NRS knows that if they listen to the community, their game will always be a well known game. Yeah, Scorpion is really really good. But after playing long sets with Scorpion players, you learn to expect stuff to happen. His flame move sucks, his teleport is super unsafe and his damage isn't all that. Just LEARN. If (and when) General Zod is debated to get nerfed or banned, I'm done with this game. Play Vampire Savior, HnK or Guilty Gear and then complain about Scorpion.

Also last, but not least, I assure you everyone who wants Scorpion banned simply doesn't like the character. I don't even main him.


see you at the top.

EVO is will be IGAU's premiere showing to the entire FGC and casual gamers alike.
Do we really want to showcase such a great game with only one glaring flaw?
Like it or not, Scorpion absolutely abolishes the games strategic metagame all while replacing it with sheer capriciousness.
In short, if Scorpion, specifically, his MB teleport is not nerfed by the next balance patch, ban him.
The top players have already spoken. Caving to the words of the casual player or viewer has not worked at any period in fighting game history. Why start now?
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