Question Should Rain have a teleport?

Discussion in 'Rain' started by GNG Iniquity, Jul 8, 2011.


Should Rain have a teleport?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. GNG Iniquity

    GNG Iniquity #bufftaquito #punchwalk #whiffycage

    I personally feel like enough of the cast has them. But, I suppose he could teleport via a pool of water or something to that degree.
  2. Lyuben

    Lyuben Sinestro's might!

    He should not, but should have a way to deal with zoners.
  3. Rathalos

    Rathalos Play Monster Hunter!
    Premium Supporter

    I think they have run out of directions for people to fly out of.
  4. Kwon

    Kwon ---->----

    He could have a Pool of Water-uppercut like Glacius

    A Small and Fast Waterprojectile. Fast but very little damage. ([​IMG][​IMG][​IMG])

    A Larger and Slower Water-Orb (chargable) similar to Reptiles Orb in movement and size (the biggest and slowest one), but instead blue and knocks opponent back instead of juggles.

    A powerful pressure of Hot Water emerges from the ground underneath the enemy, sending him upward, doing miniscule damage but opens up for a Kombo.
    Has very short range, not full-screen nor mid-screen range. Can be used in a Kombo-string to prolong the Kombo.

    A Watershield (that absorbs not repels projectiles) covering Rains body, with the same duration as Jade's Ex-Invincibility.
    All projectiles fired at Rain during Shield is up empowers him by 10 % per Projectile.
    A non-projectile attack will splash the shield on one hit, but will send the opponent back with minimal damage.

    A Glacius-type of teleporting Uppercut.
    Rain falls down into a pool of water and emerges from a pool of water with an uppercut next to the enemy.

    A Spinning-Kick (going left to right) that bounces the enemy/juggles. Enabling a Kombo-kontinuation. ([​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG])

    A Spinning-Kick (going right to left) that knocksback and sends the opponent flying backwards instead. ([​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG])

    Starts with a lunging spinning-kick where Rain propels himself towards the enemy and ends with a devastating kick.
    Block High to avoid this X-Ray.

  5. SZSR

    SZSR Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Honestly, that was his coolest move in Armageddon, even better than Windy Feet. I mean as far as I know it's not like more than half the roster can (or has been able to) teleport so it's not a big deal.
  6. OutworldKeith

    OutworldKeith Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    the best ninjas in the game ( reptile & subz ) dont have them & they are high tier characters so i think it should dpend on what tier he is in
  7. Cold Case

    Cold Case Noob

    He should have a move kinda like Smoke where he turns into a puddle of water and you can either go forward or backwards and appear again.
  8. Not sure depends on he he plays :-/ I do however wan't to see him doing golden showers on opponents. How cool would that be, for a special maybe? He pulls out his weener and pisses on you, kinda like reptiles enhanced acid spit.
  9. I feel like enough of the cast has them already, but that's all the more reason for him to get one I think. In interest of fairness I think.

    Besides, I love it when both people decide to teleport and you have that brief second or two of "WTFISGOINGONOMG we both teleported off the screen and it took a second to figure out where we're at" moments.
  10. Vilén

    Vilén too smart to play MKX

    He had one in MK:A.

    He will probably have it in this game too. If he does, it might be exactly like Cyrax/Cyber Sub-Zero's teleport, in that you really won't ever use it too much because it sucks. Or it could have a safe start up but be punishable when it reappears like Raiden. Or it could function similarly to Smoke's Smoke Away/Toward, in that you can interrupt the start-up, but it's safe when it completes. But just with the animation, it would probably make more sense if it were like Raiden's.

    The question should be "Should Rain have a useful teleport?"
  11. nyght87

    nyght87 Noob

    How can anyone answer this question without even seeing any gameplay from the character? The question everyone has been answering is "Do you want Rain to have a teleport?" but as for the question of "Should Rain have a teleport?" it is impossible to tell as of right now.
  12. Kwon

    Kwon ---->----

    Of course he should keep his "Mystic Vapors" Pool-teleport, but this time maybe with an added Uppercut a la Glacius.
  13. Rathalos

    Rathalos Play Monster Hunter!
    Premium Supporter

    Should turn into a pool of water on the ground, and you can control the pool and go anywhere on the screen very fast, you can hold the pool form for 6 seconds to navigate, after that it forces you to pop out, and you can cancel it early, after using it, it has a 5 second CD, so you can't turtle with it and run down the clock.
  14. Albo

    Albo Noob

    there's no reason why he shouldn't have one. he'd be much more versatile and interesting to play as while being more challenging to play against. as long as it's punishable in some way like every other tele in the game then it's fine. i know people will complain if he has a fast teleport like raiden (news flash: raidens tele IS punishable) so i wouldn't mind if it was a bit slower but less punishable. of course i've been maining raiden in this game since day one and raiden in general since my first mk game all those years ago, so playing a character without a teleport is awkward for me. if they do give him a fast tele then they can balance that out by making the rest of his moves appropriate in a way that does not make him op.
  15. Grub

    Grub Noob

    No, I don't think so.

    However, he should have a Smoke-like anti-attack screen. He vaporizes for a moment to avoid single-shot physical attacks like Liu Kang's flying kick or Raiden's superman.

    Also, in terms of his X-Ray, you could do some really cool stuff with water control. Have one big stream of water come up to hold him in place, and then a wall of water comes up in front of him which hits him with a barrage of water fists. Finally capping off with Rain launching forward, breaking through his water wall, and delivering a crushing roundhouse kick to the face.

    I should draw it because that's probably a little difficult to visualize.
  16. Zerosoulreaver

    Zerosoulreaver -annataZ 4 CLD-

    Should he? I don't know it depends on his moves.

    Do I personally care to see it? Nope. The only way I would care to see him with a teleport is if it were like a parry move like Liu Kang.
  17. Gamin_Guru

    Gamin_Guru Shang Bang

    Like Kwon mentioned a homage to Glacius would be kickass. If not like that then no dont give him a lame teleport.
  18. we finally have a reason for sub zeros ground freeze.

    Game over for liquid rain.
  19. TrickyNick

    TrickyNick Weather Man

    I dont think he should have a tele, but instead have armor on super roundhouse kick allowing him to move down the screen free of projectiles. Would be a way to deal with zoning at least.
  20. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
    Premium Supporter

    Well, he's got two lol. One like noob, and the other is like MKA Rain teleport combined with Sektor's tele uppercut, I love it! hehe
  21. Kwon

    Kwon ---->----

    Not only that, but he also has armor on his EX-Superkick! :D
  22. Teleport or not; Reptile will be waiting......[MAD][/MAD]
  23. Ankaku

    Ankaku Noob

    That Noob-like tele is just his throw I think

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