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Should I ditch PSN for Kaillera?

Long time MK'er, first time poster... go easy on me. :)

I found TYM a few months ago, just a month or two after I got back into 2D MK. I picked up MK9 over the summer, found out about MKAK for PS3, and installed MAME and the Juggernaut hack on my laptop for when I had some down time on my out of town work trips.

If I do this I'll need to install MAME32k, and I hope there's a tutorial to play on Kaillera out there somewhere. I've gotten a lot better in the past 4 months than I ever was when this game was in the arcades. My kombat rating on PSN sucks, but I have no trouble beating anyone at my skill level. What I hate is when I get beat by a 1600+ player, over half the time 2 minutes later I'll get a new message, usually along the lines of "lol noob". Are there better/same quality players on Kaillera, or at least ones that can beat on a lower level player without taunting them? I understand some good natured trash talking but taunting is a bit ridiculous.

Lag kills me on PSN, is it as bad on Kaillera? If I play friendly matches it isn't as bad, but ranked matches are anywhere from OK to flat awful. I did get raged quitted on by a guy after I beat him with H Smoke and then picked Ermac. He sent me something about how I was a fake and just played the two best characters...OK. But I do play with Top Tiered characters....as good as I'd like to get with Reptile, I cannot pull his big hit juggle combo, no matter how hard I try.

Is it worth ditching PSN for Kaillera, or is it worth while to split time on both?


Kitana's Bodyguard
There are far less players on Kaillera than PS3. I was desperate for MK2 matches, and sick of shitty MKAK and all the ps3 lag... but there are about 4 people that play MK2 online, and not many more that play UMK3. Plus they live outside the USA, so yes lag is still an issue on Mame/Kaillera.


Human Gameshark
Yeah, I've been trying for a few weeks, haven't had a single match on Kaillera.
I don't play on Kaillera anymore since I live on the west coast and the servers are in the east. Lag is even worse for me here. That, plus virtually nobody plays on Kaillera anymore. If that's your only option, ask around for a P2P game. Otherwise MKAK is the better option.


Kitana's Bodyguard
Yeah, and what sucks is that the Mame version of MK2 is nearly arcade perfect. I'm betting UMK3 is as well. But there's just no one to play. I made a few friends, and if we're on facebook we'll hit each other up to play Mame.