Should HitBox be banned?

Discussion in '[MK9] Strategy Zone' started by cgarcia6310, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. why or why not? im interested in hearing peoples arguements..i am a owner of a hitbox but i havent really took the time to learn it but in my eyes and from what i heard looks like they may be touching this in tournies..tell me if you agree or disagree with hitboxes being banned from tournies
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  3. aj1701

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    No. They don't ban keyboards (to my knowledge anyway). Some peopel are really good at stick, others may find themselves more confortable with a pad, and others a stickless stick. There's lots of other ways to improve your game that are external (caffeine comes to mind) that aren't banned (again, to my knowledge).
  4. hmm that is a very interesting point about keyboards not being banned
    now people talk about being able to do cheap things with it that are nearly impossible on stick or u think that they shouuld keep the hitbox but somehow modify it so that it can be "fair" or should people just suck it up lmao?
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    And everyone has access to a Stick? Pad, yeah, if you're playing on console. Here's my post on SRK regarding the HitBox. Yes, I like it, I want to use it, I don't think it should be banned, but, people make me NOT want to use it because of all the horse shit that gets thrown around.

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  6. Scorpion= S tier with hitbox.
    Kabal= insane pressure and zoning.
    Kitana & Mileena= Like 1 inch off the ground instant air projectiles.

    Imo, it should be banned.
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    Yea because before hit box reo couldnt win or place anywhere to save his life





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    I was actually planning on getting a hitbox stick specifically for MK...
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    hit box is fine.. its not the controller its the game.

    buy one yourself if you feel it gives a player a competitive edge
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    You still have to be a good player to place well with it, and it doesn't allow you to do things you can't do on a pad or a stick.
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    If you can do it on a Hitbox, you can do it on a keyboard. You can mod sticks to enable cheap things too. Care to elaborate on the "cheap" things you can do an a hitbox that you can't on anything else?

    You've got to be shrooming. REO owns no matter what he uses, AFAIK.

    Why? Because good players not using a hitbox become impossible to beat unless you're using one too? Honestly if that happens, so be it. You then need a hitbox to compete, it becomes standard equipment. I don't see why thats a problem.

    Exactly. I hope that when I'm done building my own my execution will be better, but plenty of my problems stem from poor decisions. No controller will fix that.

  12. The problem is that it makes characters better.
    Scorpion rarely gets a safe air teleport, but with the hitbox, he gets it 99.9% of the time because it is so easy.

    It is not fair to require players to purchase a hitbox, as well as change tier lists according to whatever controller they use.
    Sticks and pads have differences yes, but not as major as a hitbox.

    So it does pose a problem if you've never fought a scoripion who uses a hitbox, you won't be ready for his safe teleports. as well as other character tactics made available by hitboxes.
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    If you tuned into the VSM mini tournament this Saturday, you might have caught Reo, playing Kabal, doing iAGB, on pad. What's next? Ban Reo or anyone that has the ability to iAProjectiles in general? lawl
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    No. Hell no.

    Technically, The HitBox improves execution over the a stick and pad. But an arcade stick improves your execution over a pad. So by the same logic arcade sticks should be banned since it provides an advantage over a pad. I think the problem here is that The Hitbox offers better execution than both the stick and pad, so people think they're forced to use it. Also people have been using a pad or stick for probably a long time now so having this "new" style that makes them both inferior is hard for people to accept. It's nearly the same argument of pad vs stick. Sure a stick is better in a technical sense, but it's a matter of preference and sticks don't automatically dominate pads by any means. In MK especially, pads are of the majority. So in the same regard, a HitBox will up your execution but it's never going to get to the point where a HitBox dominates the game as oppose to the player using the HitBox dominating the game.

    Besides, look at the ridiculous sample size we have here. One fucking player is using the HitBox, at least effectively that I know of in MK9. It's not really fair to base anything for the masses on what REO does in anything game related. Dude is a freak and probably a robot from the future.
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    I don't get how a controller can make a move safe. And can you use a keyboard for the same effect? If not, what is it about the HB that makes it unique?

    I don't really agree with it not being fair to require somone to buy a HB. Any competitive game requires an investement. In this case, a console + MK9 at the least. For stick players, it should be easy to convert their stick to something like HB, for not a lot of money. I would think if you can afford a console, plus the game plus the money needed to register and get to a tourney, a HB shouldn't be a huge deal.

    This. Also, what are the rules for keyboards? Are those allowed? Because I really don't see any difference between a keyboard and hitbox.
  16. THTB

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    The EC players are doing fine w/o HitBoxes, and CDjr has shown that HitBox Kabal isn't ridiculously invincible. Plus, Erik Warda is a stick user (Stick is actually the worst controller for MK9), and does roughly the same shit REO does.

    It's all the player, dude. If the HitBox was allowing things like they were in Capcom games when they originally began production, then yeah, they should be banned. But they don't. Everything you can do on HitBox can be done on pad, stick, whatever.
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    But hell if it isn't fun to use.
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    I heard it impossible to make errors on that thing.
  20. THTB

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    It's possible. And it's not for everyone. I could never use it, that's for sure.
  21. Vilén

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    The Hitbox doesn't provide you with an executional advantage. Sticks and pads provide you with an executional disadvantage.
  22. Verstande

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    They should be allowed, and people should adapt.
  23. some people talk about kabals execution...they say you can block in both directions in mvc...and then the iafb lets people shoot while they are barly off the ground
  24. A LOT of good stuff from both sides..but what juggernaut and aj1701 are saying is how keyboards can do the same and how stick has advantage over pad...another interesting point is that so far we only have seen REO do well with hitbox but he does the same shit on pad...and people should deff adapt to it because more and more people will start buying it and it may just as well be the new way of playing fighting games...this is real good info
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    Man, I love my stick...It's a comfort thing. I would much prefer it over a pad now.

    As far as the hitbox goes, my only issue with it was at one point, not everyone had access to it. Now that the production times seem a little quicker it's just as fair as a stick or keyboard.

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