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Should Erron Black's Acid hurt him?


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Does anyone else find it weird that Erron Black can walk in his own acid attack and have it do no damage to him? In his long throw animation sure it makes sense for him to be immune but I feel if he touches it any other time it should affect him the same as his opponent.


I mean I guess if Skarlets DBF1 hurts her then his acid should hurt him but yeah the boot thing made of reptiles skin still eliminates the possibility unfortunately


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If it was anyone else I'd say no, but since it's Erron Black and the fact that they had Alien take dot damage with that acid move. Yeah, I think he can afford it. And he's not wearing Reptile boots, that little bastard is running around in the krypt eating bugs off the ground.

Nah, and besides, Sub-Zero can freeze opponents in the air, and then they just levitate, MK has never not been “weird” lol
It's a video game man, that logic can really be applied to all videos games. lol

Mario breathing in space? Kratos fighting giant Gods who should kill him instantly?

Blanka somehow giving off electrical currents with no reasonable explanation? lol

I can go on but you get the point lol.


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Solid idea but nah I think the nerfs should hit him in other ways like his scudshot, f4, b222, rifle


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Yes he should. It would be a great balancing change. Skud Shot takes defensive bar, and puddle hurts him. He would be so much more fair.


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, but since it's Erron Black and the fact that they had Alien take dot damage with that acid move.
There is a difference between those types of moves.
Aliens acid Stacks and is guaranteed damage on hit that ticks like a time bomb. That's the death mark type of dots which forces you to take the damage once hit.
But puddles like Erron's Acid is AOE which does damage while in its vacinity. If errors hit you once then did the rest no matter if you jumped then is say yes make it like Barakas but they are different.
I'm not an EB player because I think he is boring but that's how he gets his damage since he only gets combo from LnL stance moves.
Aliens was straight up broke af cuz he could stack them getting more than 80% with almost no scaling and was a death sentence. Erron can't really even combo into it just do setups afterwards that are not guaranteed unlike Baraka which takes half iron more if your life then gets guaranteed dot


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I dont see any reason it should hurt him. I dont understand why his TNT does as it is. If you're looking for potential changes, just make it scale its damage per tick the longer an opponent is in it capping at enough to reach its current potential maximum damage of 10% if they're in the puddle for maximum duration. This would nerf the puddle when it's used just for a couple ticks of free damage while still rewarding Errons who are good at locking down an opponent in the acid.


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For the people that say his Acid shouldn't hurt him... I think his own acid puddle should hurt him should he walk into it.

It hurts his opponent in a mirror match so why not him...?
For what it's worth, in his first Fatality where he stomps the opponent's head into the acid puddle, his boot goes right into the puddle and is unharmed. So maybe he does have Zaterrean Leather Boots :D

Regarding actual balance, feels like other tools should be targeted first. The acid is a good pressure tool but not oppressive in my mind.


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Could be because his boots are made from Zaterran rawhide maybe? last MK he was using a Tarkatan arm as a sword btw.