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Sheeva Throw Combo?

I couldnt find this topic in any forms and i didnt c it in videos so im just gonna ask it myself.

After Sheeva's Throw, you have a little bounce effect (similar to cyrax). Why is it that you cant LP or better yet HP someone off of it to start a nifty lil juggle? Or can you, and i just suck? Either way some advice would be helpful on wut to do after Sheeva's Throw (No tele-stomps...boring).

Also, is there a better combo than: aaHPHP, RH, Stomp; for a punisher? I tried doing:pop-up combo, aaHPHP, LATE Jk......then extend to something else. But her jump/and or recovery is too slow. Any advice on makin this 4 armed bitch more fun?
someone said something about sheeva having a throw loop like cyrax, but the only way i've ever got to the other side is by running in and jumping over.

I throw a HK out after her throw 99% of the time

Gameover uses her frequentley and can connect an uppercut after her throw.

the RH stomp is best for punisher, I usually just aahphp, jk and run in for a throw =/
Thats cool. Never thought of jumpin over with her. I have been trying to connect an uppercut after her throw but i cant seem to snag it. Also been tryin to do somethin like:Lp,Hp, FB or something similar, but i cant connect. Even with a DUCKING LP i cant connect. Goes right through um.


There is a throw loop. Though, I've never done it, I've had someone pull it off on me once or twice.

Typically I run in and while they're still bouncing and I sweep. Most of the time they are not ready for it and it confuses people when they are expecting the stomp or other typical enders. Then if I get the sweep, I can often tack something else on the end of it because the sweep knocks the opponent back since they are still in the air. So, I either dash in and HK, wait for the jump and RH or something like that. Not necessarily the safest tactics or the most efficient. Just different.