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Sheeva Combos & Techs by GGA Jeremiah


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Dear testyourmight newcomers

If you so happen to find something new or unpublished that a character has you will.

A. Have people say how useless it is because it's not a combo
B. Have people say "yeah man, i've been doing this for a while now" without any form of evidence or footage of them doing so.

Exactly this! Looking at you Teef, with some major side eye action....This is great Shit Jeremiah...MANY MANY MANY people including my blond self (Sheeva is my third) were unaware of this. And to be frank, any new tech or discovery for a low tier character is spectacular and makes the game, as a whole, more diverse with a touch of depth!


I tested this out a bit myself, and I found some very discouraging things.

Whenever the opponent is hit out of a ducking state, the opponent is considered still in a duck state ONLY for the next move that connects, afterwards, they return to a normal arial state. So you can only do the low grab vs. airborne opponents if the very first move you hit with was a popup. And because of that you can't do Low Grab > Step > NJP > Step > Low Grab, or NJP > 1,2,b+1 > Low Grab, you can only go straight into the low grab. Meaning, this is a lot less useful then I had hoped it would be. =( Still, it's VERY interesting, and it's an amazing find.


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Wow man, thats amazing, I never realised that AI considers the opponent in a ''low'' state even through out combos. This is fucking huge.
This statement here and this tech lets me know that we still know nothing about this game. What other variables does this game calculate?


Iv mentioned this b4 but u can also air-grab characters out of the wierdest specials. We would think that grab is a high, but as long as ur opponents feet leave the floor, her hand somehow catches and their frame goes in the air so it looks glitchy.

She can take out sonya's cartweel with air-grab, and various teleporters. I kno I grabbed Pig's rain out of a few things and its kind of like a low-move now too lol.

Its not easy to connect in these situations though, you have to get the timing just right. But if mastered, it just makes ur opponent that much more limited with options close-up or even far away (teleport baits)


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I have to say there is nothing more pathetic than people saying ''I have known about this for a while now'' yet have never tried to share it with anyone, and we just have to take your word on it. Its even better when someone tries to say they have shown it to others before or even professed it, which is the most old hat shit I have ever read, and its quite contradictory too, because if you did your best to give something exposure that you said you did, then you wouldn't have to explain that in the first place now would you?, we would already be aware, which we clearly are not.

Now if your ''tech'' is being discussed in a thread like this, and happen to have ''known about this for a while now'' and have in fact ''mentioned it before'' then ask your self the question ''why have these people not heard of it?'' You have to accept responsibility for the fact that you did very little to almost fuck all to tell anyone about it or make this public knowledge.

If you find something in the game, then do your absolute best to show it to the community, don't be a little glory hog after the fact, or chip into the conversation with your little bubble burst on the ''tech that has always been'', and instead apologise for not doing your best in the first place.


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I hate that low grab on wakeup attacks...F in bs >[
Nice job though!
Also, I bet Sheeva and Goro have extremely violent non-heteronormative sex