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Match-up Discussion Shazam matchup help(group video)


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Happy holidays and new years. We at the Shazam forums are hard at work creating a matchup tutorial series and were insterested in your ideas for how to play against zod in this matchup. Also I am trying to gather some online data on ps3 to see if I can form some opinions of my own. If there is any Zod players that play on ps3 it would be interesred in playing me, invite me at PSN: SupaSapien3. I am on psn nearly everyday, and I try to be avalible as much as possible. If you are not game enough to play me, or dont play on ps3, I emplore you to please leave your knoledge on how to opproach the zod vs shazam matchup in this disscussion forum. Your teamwork is greatly appreaciated and I am looking forward to working with each and everyone of you. May we bring Injustice to the next level for 2015!!! P.s.: Completely unrealed topic: Starting Jan 2015 I am preparing myself to be a tournament player. If anyone would be interested to take someone who lives in Long Beach, California to events for gas money please message me. I dont claim to be that great but hopefully I can better myself as a player before Evo2015 and make it to the top!!!