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Shang Tsung Wake-Ups


Kanaida (MK9 Dashboard for android)
Hey guys, I know you can soul steal to wake up. But I notice on occasion my ground fireballs wake up invincible like noob's upwards kick.

Is there some sort of way to consistently do these? It seems to be pretty hit or miss for me at least. Also i've noticed the close ground fireball tends to do this as opposed to the other ones, without a bar at least. that would be very useful.


Nightwolf of the galaxy
As far as I know every wake up attack in the game has some invincibility frames, I think it is around 12 but I can't find the information to fact check that. Ive also heard that practice mode has a glitch where the invincibility frames are lessened.

As for doing them consistently, I have no idea. Different knock downs have different wake up timings. Usually the most success I have had is just mashing. Ive had people tell me to input right as thw character is starting to stand up, but still mashing out the inputs seems to work the best for me.


XB1 : Lamaso4765
Regular wake ups have 11 frames of invincibility, enhanced wake ups have 20.
Regular ground skull is 29 frames leaving you with 18 frames to be interrupted
Enhanced ground skull is 21 frames leaving you with 1 frame to be interrupted.


Kanaida (MK9 Dashboard for android)
Thanks, but that's not what I meant exactly. It says 'wakeup attack' every time I do it, but I don't always get those invincibility frames. Sometimes I can get jump kicked and my gas will get em without taking damage, other times I get up and just get hit even though it seems identical. I'm going to experiment waiting till the last second before doing the wakeup period.