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Shang Tsung glitches


Mostly concerning his morphing. First of all, when I play against Rain and beat him, when Shang should morph into Rain at the end of the round, he disappears instead and then reappears. Also, at the Dead Pool stage Shang lost and was morphed into Rain, then Rain did the stage fatality and disappeared, while morphed Shang stayed in the "waiting for fatality" animation (don't know the word for it) for some 15-20 seconds, the the announcer said Rain wins and the menu poped out. There is also a little delay before the announcement of the winner when Shang is morphed and the game finishes.


Joker waiting room
i like it when he disappears,especially when morphed into Rain,his laugh is so (soap bar in my mouth)!


Original Liu Kang cop.
I had a glitch where I was killed in round 1 during the morph-back animation, and when round 2 started I was unable to move or block and shang was doing this strange pose, almost like rain's stance but very slow.