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Shang Tsung Ceiling Walk -- MK2 rev 1.1


This is something that I've heard about for quite a long time, but I've never seen a video or an explanation of what it is. Supposedly in MK2 1.1 Shang Tsung could walk on the ceiling due to a glitch.

All I've been able to gather is this: "Shang Tsung on the ceiling happened on old revisions as a result of doing his friendship on the Kombat Tomb stage."

So.... does anyone know if this is just one of those persistent MK legends (like Ermac in MK1) or if it actually happens in certain scenarios? I'd really like to see it or know how it's done just to put this to rest.

I don't really expect this to get resolved, but if someone out there has anything to add, I'd greatly appreciate it. This may be as elusive as the Wavenet roms, or perhaps it's been explained long ago and I just missed it.


I can confirm that I saw this myself with an early cabinet. I found your post while trying to find any proof of it on the net. I wish I had some kind of proof but I remember seeing someone pull off the glitch unintentionally. I remember even thinking "Well, that's gotta get fixed."