Shang Tsung 4 Morphs Combo

Discussion in 'Shang Tsung' started by ded, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. ded

    ded Elder God

  2. MKB

    MKB Retired Gatekeeper
    Forum General

    Although you would never be able to pull that shit off on an actual opponent, I gotta give props for filming this.
  3. Kensidj

    Kensidj 10 ft Tall Roadblock

    that's absolutely ridiculous! lol

  4. CUKO28

    CUKO28 Noob

    I clocked 11 hits without counting Kitanas Fan lift.
    Pure Awesomeness! So i guess its safe to say that Technically Shik Shang has a 11 hit combo? Even though its almost impossible to catch someone with it ::)

    Oooops i just saw it was a double Shadow Kick ;)
  5. X820

    X820 Noob

    DED's megamix! lol

    I counted 11hits btw...
  6. AC1984

    AC1984 Kaballin!

    Insane combo!!! well done!!!
  7. ZAQ

    ZAQ Banned

    Crazy ass combo. Good work man.
  8. that right there makes u want to drop ur sticks and call it a day lol..
    Awesome shit ded
  9. AriaDelano

    AriaDelano Noob

    oh thats nice...
  10. SuGaR

    SuGaR Guest

    Can we just change his name to ROBO Ded?
  11. Konqrr

    Konqrr Rose Namajunas

    You make this shit look easy ded...very nice.
  12. ded

    ded Elder God

    thanks guys :D
  13. IceyTruth

    IceyTruth Noob

    impressive as always ded
  14. Wowzers!! I remember trying kitanas inf but i always got her fan swipe instead of the lift :(

    good stuff ded_ keep it up!
  15. john2kx

    john2kx Noob

    That isn't the latest MK2 rev., is it?
  16. valensole

    valensole Guest

    harder than the to climb himalaya mountains.
  17. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    Its King of Kombos
  18. ded

    ded Elder God

    its rev L3.1 the newer revs are L3.1 (Europe) and L3.2(Europe), which are actually the same as L3.1
  19. frznsldr

    frznsldr Noob

    king of kombos DED_KOK LOL
  20. btbb99

    btbb99 Noob

    i never would've even thought of that, very nice work.
  21. Vassago187

    Vassago187 Noob

    holy farkin chit! That's insanity! good job ded!
  22. john2kx

    john2kx Noob

    what? So that kitana infinite is actually possible on PS3?
  23. Bo_DK

    Bo_DK Noob

    HOLY SHIT... Thats impressive man. Cool.
    How do you figure that stuff out anyway:)

    BTW, how can a shit be holy???
  24. Konqrr

    Konqrr Rose Namajunas

    Yeah, I've gotten two fan lifts on PSN...way way too hard online because the timing has to be so precise. It's too hard offline lol
  25. frznsldr

    frznsldr Noob

    im wondering y u wouldnt switch to mileena and get a few more hits instead of picking cage. or maybe jax and do the gotcha grab. im just thinking if youve done this much why not go for more if its possible.

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