SG new techs Pressure +4, Cross ups and anti delayed wakeup

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  1. I'll post another video then better showing the pressure and some others cross ups!

  2. kcd117

    kcd117 Noob

    Idk what's worse, the fact that she can do all this stuff or the fact that I barely see any tournament supergirl player abusing all the dumb stuff she has.
  3. Invincible Salads

    Invincible Salads I wanna go pro!

    whats + 4? you mean her 112? also does that hover in the corner crossup?
  4. Invincible Salads

    Invincible Salads I wanna go pro!

    also why are u doing s3 into straight laser? isnt that pretty negative?

    would u mind playing against me? i want to lab some things to see how much of that can be countered.
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  5. kcd117

    kcd117 Noob

    S3 straight laser jails against a lot of characters and is +4. Hover in the corner can crossup and can hit on the same side, and if you do it low enough to the ground you can fall and use d1 instead to turn it into a 3 way mixup and you can set it up to reverse inputs if they are trying to wakeup.
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  6. Invincible Salads

    Invincible Salads I wanna go pro!

    i want to play against some supergirls who do all this stuff, i want to know how to counter some of this :(
  7. lol, her mixup options are very varied and safes most of the time plus, lots of anti-wake up option, I really think she's a little misused in terms of setup
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  8. Invincible Salads

    Invincible Salads I wanna go pro!

    what about when she floats into repeated nj1, can you poke that, or u gotta back dash? what can u do?
  9. s3 and laser causes jail in some characters as the @kcd117 explained, leaves it +4 on block, not leaving many possibilities to the opponent other than a parry or Super!
    we can play sim, add me on psn BlackStormBr_ and when you see me online send invitation
  10. It has a gap between j1 float into another j1 float, but you can mix it up with j3 into j1/j2 since the gap is not large enough for you to poke. If do this you can condition them not to press buttons (the only way out sometimes is to use super). You can also mix it up with air dashes and air lasers if you are floating midscreen.
  11. Invincible Salads

    Invincible Salads I wanna go pro!

    neat, this is helpful info, since i want to use supergirl, but also have a better idea of how to beat her.
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  12. EntropicByDesign

    EntropicByDesign Confused and afraid.

    good shit.

    And the moral of todays story is : Stay the hell away from the corner vs SG.
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  13. thanks, yeah the only good option is to not get put in the corner otherwise you are in the blender.
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  14. Kotal_Wannabe

    Kotal_Wannabe DA Sexy Hulk

    damn that's... sexy. I picked up supergirl a couple days ago, but after watching that I might just give up.
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  15. Invincible Salads

    Invincible Salads I wanna go pro!

    would u mind playing some matches?
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  16. for sure, add me on psn and we play, what's your ID?
  17. lmao don't drop her, she is really worth the time to pick up and learn all the dirty stuff.
  18. Invincible Salads

    Invincible Salads I wanna go pro!

    tbh, the flash demotivates me for the same reason, how many different juggles and oki setups does that character freakin have? x-x

    oh and my psn is UnknownOp-52

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