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SFV Ibuki Reveal Trailer

Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist
Stuff I need to know about Ibuki:
Frames on kunai restock
Is command dash throw invincible
Health is probably 900
Stun should be the same or 950

Kunai restock kinda have to wait till tomorrow
Command Dash is throw invincible on the startup, she also vanishes so fast that is really hard to touch her when she is using it, although applying followups its a different story.

The command Dash will still be a nightmare if she has her jumping overhead again, people tend to mash cr.lps and so on to prevent cmd into cr.lk pressure.

B. Shazzy

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so it turns out the no release date was so they could tell us today that she'll be relaeased along with story mode dlc... sometime in june
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Plus on block.
What's with every Balrog lover to drop by every ibuki reveal trailer and hate on it? lol

We knew Ibuki was coming, actually wonder where you guys read Capcom Said Balrog before Ibuki, as far as i remember, the only character reveal that was known to come first was Alex.
This official picture made me expect Balrog first...



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Ibuki makes me so salty about F.A.N.G. She just looks like a cool good character, why couldn't F.A.N.G just be playable, PLAYABLE! is that really too much to ask for.


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Ibuki looks dope - seems like she has a lot of possibilities and playstyles compared to a lot of the cast.

Her V-Trigger looks like it's straight outta NRS lmao. I wonder if you can time it so it explodes even if they tech the throw, launching them.


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Between the Ibuki reveal and seeing someone (someone awesome) has made a Spider-Gwen alt for Cammy, I'm thinking I may need to think about finally getting around to a buy button sometime soon.

Rip Torn

Looks like she can combo off her overhead. Also, ex Raida appears to have armor or really high priority.


I'll be back 3ing

I can't wait to wake-up 3f button or reversal, do high damaging combos and just jump and dash at people because it's unnccessarily difficult to deal wtih. Playing SFV as intended

She doesn't have the longest normals for neutral but like that matters in SFV; R.Mika, Necalli etc do fine with garbage buttons and without a kunai that has no recovery

Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist
Ibuki will be freaking cheap.

6 kunais to use
can restock in the same round
can fire them at will
can fire 5 at once
still has her oki game from SF4
can fire kunai on your legs and cancel into super and it combos
bomb hits low
has her best SF4 normals: B.MP, cr.MP, st.MK, cr.lp, can combo from F.MK which avoids crouching attacks and hits overhead
has super jump cancel, super jump
can glide
among the fastest walkspeed ever seen in SF5
Meaty Bonsho fucking Kick is possibly plus when max ranged
Air Fucking Throw (get fucked laura's setups)
command dashes
can use bomb twice (one to trigger the V-Trigger, and one once active)
Has some of the most dirtiest Resets since MK9 Cyrax and hard to Blockables with low bombs and overheads
Kunais still hit on the latest frames and stuns you for followups
Can Kick the bomb (WTF capcom)
Super Does a lot of damage
Straight Monster, kinda eager to see her fighting against Chuns, Nashes, Kens and so on

Very Meter Dependant, Many of her ex moves can be MB to efectivity but costs a lot of resources
Can struggle a bit if she is not able to restock Kunais.
No Tsumuji to maintain neutral, which are now replaced with the Kunais, if you are out of Kunais you'll be fucked, because you can't cancel your normals into it, you have to stick with staggers and get a super good knockdown to restock your kunais.

Still looks very fun and challenging use or fight against.

Kinda sad her Ninja Costume is not available, would definitely use my Fight money for that deault SF4 costume.

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