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SF6 Launches on June 2, 2023. New trailer, new characters!


FGC Cannon Fodder
First SF6 news where I felt less interested in the game after. I've generally liked their rework of existing characters, but I don't like the new characters so far except for Kimberly. I'm alright with Marisa but the other 3 I don't get any appeal from. I almost feel like totally different people are designing the characters. Some have tones of nuanced peronality and others seem super dry.
This is all amazing, only that cover art is cringe. Imagine MK suddenly having Cassie on the cover with an overtly corny pose like this. Also the price is insane - here it’s double the price of base game for the Ultimate ($120) - and the DLC does not justify it, especially pre-order meaning only colours. That’s way worse than MK11.