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Discussion in 'Sektor' started by OutlawNightmare, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I know we have all gotten our share me hate mail from angry or salty players.

    Is it just me or does sektor seem to generate a lot of hate with is zoning and teleport combos. I got a message the other day about "spamming combos and rockets" i was just wondering what some of your favorite ways of dealing with these people are.
  2. Lyuben

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    I tend to reply universally to all hate mail with "Cry more" or "Get good"
  3. G4S KT

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    That's playing their game, which is you losing to them. I don't play MK online, but I do play shooters and whenever I get hate mail from someone I always reply with something like "I love you" or "I saw your brother at the mall yesterday" or some other outlandish thing. And if they call me a "faggot" then I always tell them I want to gay marry them and how much I love penises.

    That's how you really be a dick.
  4. I do something similar are respond using only queen lyrics. Gets similar reactions
  5. I got hate mail from a Sheeva once who only spammed the air drop. I played him as Ermac, kept comboing him, then I swapped to Sektor for the second round, kept comboing him. His hate mail was 3 messages worth of him informing me of my lack of a life for knowing combos especially on TWO WHOLE CHARACTERS. Something about not having a girlfriend, not having a job, and in general being a failure.

    I informed him that I understand he suffers from some sort of severe attention deficit disorder, and that if he could find it in heart to spend 5 minutes in training mode he'd learn the same combos I did (which are ones I learned on my own). I explained to him that Sheeva was a poor choice of character for beginner players if he was looking to be competitive in the online scene and gave him some hints and basic combos with Sheeva if he wanted to get better at her instead of swapping.

    He proceeded to call me gay, repeated my lack of a life. I told him I was outside his window and when he went to bed I was going to do terrible things to him that would make gay seem like a poor choice of term. He shut up rather quickly.

    Then the other day I sent him a "<3" randomly and got a "Fuck you.", was adorable.
  6. TheTrillz

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    I always get hate from Liu Kang players I also find it hilarious whenever jump happy players get angry calling me a "fire spammer" whenever they keep jumping after my standing reset.

    Although I have to admit, I do get my share of hatemail I still tend to get salty enough to rage quit an unattainable win. :bighammer:
  7. leek

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    I get hate mail with Cage all the time.

    "Spammin the same moves, fag" "that stupid knee omg fag get a combo"

    they really hate it when I do the Ex forceball block strings with three bars of meter..especially when they don't block. Shit hits the fan, then. In my opinion, if you're not getting hate mail, something is wrong. Because you're playing to the scrubs advantage, and when a scrub gets the advantage, they have an anneurysm and blow the gasket on how much you suck.

    Usually, I just ragequit if they ask for a rematch one second in.
  8. I know the block forceball trap you are talking about and i can see how it causes so much rage. It annoys the hell outta me.
  9. I live for these threads.
  10. PND OmegaK

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    PND OmegaK
  11. PND_Mustard

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    i was casually doing ranked, beat some dude and was told all i do is spam nets and do the same move over and over again, found him again the very next match, picked quan chi, and beat him with nothing but uppercuts, i call it the secret sorcerer technique.
  12. PND_Mustard

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  13. Lyuben

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  14. #14
  15. PND OmegaK

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    PND OmegaK
    My favourite is from Defior. Everytime I read 'hey men!!!' I just crack up and burst into laughter.
  16. Random_Name_63

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    I love hate mail.

    In particular, I love it when they tell me to shove a rocket up my ass, and I casually mention that I just shoved about 30 up theirs over the 3 matches we played.

    I remember someone disliked my zoning, and how I had a tendency to hit him with EXTU on wake-up, and told me to, "gett gud." He didn't know how to use block, so I informed him of it, and he blew up my message box. I sent him a <3...
  17. The "block spamming" or "blocking is for fags" hate mails are my favorite... Especially when they come from raiden players. No offence to the legitimate raiden players out there.
  18. JkOC

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    I just got offline and a guy playing kano just sent me a few hate messages telling me I'm a spammer and I suck. Apparrently kano's ball and knifes aren't spam, but my rockets and teleport combo's were, lol. he was seriously pissed. I didnt respond, which is what brought the second message from him, lol. Made the whole session worth it.
  19. leek

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    Raiden teleport~throw

    100% combo bro
  20. Haha i know right? That's why its so funny to hear from raiden players.
  21. xLoGiK1

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    I get hate mail all the time. I was King for 16 wins on KOTH last night while using Kung Lao, Mileena, and Freddy.

    This one guy wouldn't quit crying about how much I was "spamming" combos. These whiners seriously need to just take the loss and accept that they are just bad at the game.
  22. Its not an easy thing to take a loss sometimes. I will be honest i used to get wicked mad (can you tell i am from new England) when i lost. But i took the time to learn to not only watch my opponent but watch my habits too and soon it became very clear y i was losing and it wasn't my opponents fault.
  23. randomdps

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    Them: "ur cheep, you just spam combos spammer noob"

    Me: Thanks.
  24. Chaosphere

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    I got hate messages from a Raiden who constantly just did electric fly over and over again. Upon blocking and full teleport comboing off of all but the first 2 of them I became a "faggot blocker."

    To which I responded, "oh im sorry man. i just got this game yesterday and i thought that was the shoot button. didnt realize it was block my bad"
  25. See What i was talkin about? You are the guy who was asking for sektor tips right? I have a feeling you will find yourself at home among us :)

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