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Move List Secret/Hidden Brutality List


The last Saurian from Zaterra - Syzoth - Reptile
I was thinking that after the controversy of Sonicfox* and several other pro players keeping their post brutality animation to themselves (which I do not blame them for, their discovery = their secret to share or keep) maybe we should list all the brutalities that the game doesn't announce to you in the move list. This will include stage brutalities and post brutality animations. I will try to update the thread and make it look nicer when I'm not on mobile.

*= Not trying to flame Sonic, and I realize other players have done the same brutality animation. I don't mean to give credit as if he's the first - I don't know who was first.

I'm listing how I've done the inputs which may have buttons that are unnecessary but Im away from my console at the moment so I can't test and see precisely the inputs.

I will wait for comments explaining the input and prerequisite for ones I don't know how to perform.

The brutalities so far would be..

(I believe most stage brutalities require 2 interactions in the match.)

Stage brutalities:

Dead Woods

Log through chest
(Hold towards opponent (jump distance I believe) and press stage interaction)

The Kove
Knocking into the ocean
(Stance change held during final uppercut)

Corpse thrown explosion
(Towards the opponent)

Kuatan Jungle
Pillar crush
(Hold down and stage interact)

Outworld Marketplace
Blanch explosion
(Hold towards opponent then stage interact)

Blanch beatdown
(Hold down during stage interaction)

Quan Chi's Fortress
Shao Kahns Warhammer
( stage interaction for final hit)

Lin Kuei Temple
(Hold towards opponent and stage interact)


Characters with reflecting moves can brutality by reflecting projectiles from:
Sub?, Cassie, Kung Jin, Kotal Kahn, Reptile

Cassie Cage:

American way

Erron Black:
X ray brutality

Post animation throw brutality:
Shoots crow eating corpse
(Hold down, 3, stance change, and block)
Revealed to the community by @zaf
Hints paraphrased from SonicFox5000: It's an input. It's after the brutality.

Boss toss
(Finish opponent with boss toss and hold 1)

Punch walk
(Enhanced punchwalk and hold 4)

Jacqui Briggs:
X ray brutality
(Hold down and kill with first 2 hits of x ray)

Throw brutality
(Hold 4 as you finish opponent with throw)

Turn your back post gotcha grab brutality
(Hold down, 1, block, and stance change)

Machine gun
(Finish opponent with machine gun special and hold forward)

Johnny Cage:
Throw brutality. (Hold forward)

Kotal Kahn:
Hara kiri
(Sacrifice the last of your life)
Turn your back on command grab brutal:
(Hold down and block during brutality)

Kung Jin
Bo swing brutality:
(Finish the match with bo swing and hold backwards)

Lo bo swing
(Finish the match with low bo swing and hold backwards)
Kung Lao
Throw brutality - back to camera
(Hold down and block)

Enhanced teleport
(Enhanced teleport for finish and hold 1)

Lui Kang:
Low fireball
(Finish match with a low fireball from atleast midscreen)

Arm snap and head crush

Pedigree cancel rollback
(Hold down and block)

Pedigree turn back to camera + cancel rollback
(Hold down, stance change, and block)

Air Sai into head

Brutality that hangs a skeletal remain instead of a muscle one (may be vise versa)
(As body is off screen hold stance change and block)

Alien's Chestburster Brutality can have a series of different masks/hats if you hold a particular button between the final hit and the chestburster coming out.

Jason: Hold down
Erron: Hold up
Sub Zero: Hold 2
Johnny Cage: Hold 3
Kano: Hold 1
Kung Lao: Hold 4
Raiden: Hold Left
Triborg: Hold Nothing

There may be more... Methinks someone involves holding right?
Quan ChI
Turn your back post brutality ((ex teleport brutality) hold down, block, and stance change)

Acid spit brutality - floating head
(Hold up upon final spit (requires 25% damage from spit during match)
Make floating head pop - blood bubble
(Hold up + 3 + block)
Thanks to @Israel and @Fayaz

Invisible tear opponent in half
(Finish with an invisible uppercut)

Throw brutality
(Throw opponent to finish and hold forward)

Shinnok (imposter)
Steals Jax, Sonya, Sub Zero, Mileena, Kung jin, Ermac D'vorah and Goro?s brutalities

Summoned fiend
(Finish opponent with summoned fiend and hold up)

X ray brutality
(50% health and hold down)

Sub Zero:
(Finish the last round with a throw and hold forward)

I don't have access to my console atm so forgive me and notify me if I list one listed in the move list

(rock throw during flight hold stance change and block)
Rolling Stone (any variation)
(Requires 3 in match. Ex has different animation)
Burning overhead rocks (metallic)
Overhead rock (f2)
(Requires 5 f2 in match)
B322 string (hold 1)
(Hold down)



Finish with flamethrower

Finish with homing missile.

Cyber sub zero:
Ex dive kick

Ex freeze

Uppercut head off frozen opponent
(Freeze opponent and uppercut for the finish )

I realize there are more brutalities so if you'd like to comment the brutality whether you know how to do it or you've simply seen it - please do. I will attempt inputs and prerequisites before adding them to this first post. Thanks for any/all input. Please do not attack or complain of people not sharing how to do these things - it's their choice love them or hate them for it.
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Tremor has one on his b322 string (the low string) you mash x during it I believe it's actually kinda hard I only got it once when I played him.


The last Saurian from Zaterra - Syzoth - Reptile
@Jaku2011 I vaguely remembered that but didn't know the string by heart so I was going to wait it out. Is that x on ps4 or Xbox one?


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Predator has a secret brutality in Hunter where instead of skinning the opponent, they turn into a skeleton. Only Tom Brady knows it.


Sheeva, Kotal, Jacqui.
For Jacqui's x-Ray brutality you have to hold down and you have to kill them within the first two hits of the x-Ray.