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Second MK DLC


Burns Yes?
With Sub-Zero joining the DLC roster, and taking into consideration the fractured timeline of the game, I think that there's only one person who should be introduced as DLC from the MK games if they were to bring in another, and Noob Saibot would have to be it.

Probably being biased as he's my favourite MK character, but having the original Sub-Zero, who was resurrected and returned as a revenant to serve Shao Kahn, would fit the idea of Injustice 2 perfectly I think...

Besides, Sub-Zero and Noob's clash dialogue would be incredible

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he's obviously the greatest MK character

but i think after his non-lethal finish in MK9, and the fact that he was absent from MKX, i don't think it was an accident, I believe NRS is holding him for big time bad guy in MK11

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I personally would love Reptile be in it, unless of course if you can Sub-Zero to look like Reptile via the gear system. For a more objective choice, I think either Raiden, Johnny Cage or Mileena would fit very well.

And personally I don't mind another MK character in IJ2.