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    SCR is here and SCR is now gone (for the NRS scene). With a small batch of players going into pools, this ended up being one of the most stacked majors in Injustice 2 history, with every pool being a death pool filled with the toppest of the top. In the end, only one person could emerge victorious, and that person is.....

    Going to be revealed in the spoiler down below once the Top 8 actually finishes up. As for who is in that Top 8, we've got:

    bc Honeybee vs. EchoFox Sonic Fox
    PG Hayatei vs. DF Grr

    Noble Tweedy vs. Noble Rewind
    EchoFox Scar vs.
    Further details are down below:
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    1. ChillerX
      Congraulations to Sonic for the emphatic win! He has done the Black Canary community proud.

      Canary vs Fate is a 6-4.
    2. Matix218
      Sonic clutched it out several times in this tournament, starting with Hero Killer Stain. Great performance.
    3. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Huge kudos to Sonic Fox for the win. Cool to see Black Canary talking the tourney.
    4. skahwt
      I don’t care if Injustice 2 tourneys get five or five hundred entries, I’ll watch them all. This was such a fun tourney with a diverse top eight. There’s been so much crying about Fate and Starfire, zoning, and top tiers, yet the Grand Finals was Robin vs Black Canary. The pools, top eight, and grand final were so much fun to watch. Fun tourney, great game.
    5. gam224
      I enjoyed hayatei’s performance as usual. As a Robin main I can appreciate just how ahead of the meta that guy is. As the previous comments noted top 8 was very diverse and it was a great tourney. I2 isn’t dead just yet
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    6. Dogeofthesea
      I actually feel sad for Hayatei. In Vienality he lost to a Cheetah, and now a Black Canary - basically two non-top tier, no-zoning, unpopular characters
    7. NothingPersonal
      I'm waiting for Sonic to win a mojor with Grodd and I can say I've seen it all.

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